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Last night we had dinner with our pastor, his wife, and two other new members of our church. We go to a really large church, but community is really important for them. In an effort to really grow our church’s community, our pastor has started hosting new members at his house for dinner, desserts and coffee. {I don’t know who initially came up with this idea, probably our connections pastor, so I’m sorry for not giving the credit to who it belongs!}

I was slightly nervous about our dinner last night. I had already met our pastor and his wife and spoken to them several times, but I had not met the other two members that would be joining us. You could tell they were a little bit nervous too, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to start flowing. A short time after we started eating, I suddenly realized that we already felt at home here……like we were already family just sitting down for a family meal and sharing about our lives.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Shouldn’t community with fellow believers come easily and freely?

We each told parts of our story and there were a few tears that were shed in the sharing of heartbreaks and victories. I love what my new friend said towards the end of her story: “I feel like everyone has a story. And we are called to share that story. Because if you just keep it inside, what good does it do? It doesn’t heal you by keeping quiet. It doesn’t help others heal. You have to tell people.” {paraphrasing here}

I wanted to jump up and down and yell like a cheerleader. YES. THIS IS WHAT I’M SAYING.

Our stories have meaning. Both the good parts and the bad parts. The parts where we mess up and the parts where we triumph. The valleys and the mountain tops. Our stories are not only a testament to God’s power and glory, but they also play an intricate part in defeating the enemy:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” –Revelation 12:11

It’s the reason why I blog. I love writing, yes. But I could write in many different capacities. I could write in a prayer journal and lock it away for no one to see. I could write in a notebook and then burn it when it is full. I could write letters and mail them to the few people in my close social circle and hope that it impacts them. All of those things would scratch that “writing itch” that I have, but it wouldn’t benefit anyone but me. Blogging allows me to share my story with people I never would have met before. And who knows what impact that will have? I probably won’t ever know, on this side of heaven at least.

Of course, I’m not saying that you have to blog to tell your story. And I’m certainly not saying that I’m better than anyone else because I blog. What I am saying though is that you need to share your story. Don’t hold your testimony inside, let it out! Look for opportunities to showcase what God has done in you. Look for ways to build community with others around you. Look for ways to encourage others. Look for ways to help bind up their wounds.

Don’t believe the lie that just because you don’t have a blog or speaking platform that your story doesn’t deserve to be told. Don’t believe that just because you don’t have a “dramatic story” of redemption that God’s glory can’t shine through your words. We were all broken at one point. We have all experienced hurts and joys. We all have something to contribute to the body of Christ.

Sharing your story doesn’t mean that you have to stand in the sidewalk and preach at people. Sharing your story can simply mean that you invite a few people over to your house to break bread and build community. Sharing your story can be as simple as taking a new believer under your wing and discipling her. Sharing your story can look like a million different things, and no one way is more important or better than another way.

The important thing is that you share it. Share it often and share it willingly and share it freely.

How can you help build community with believers and non-believers? Have you ever told someone your story of redemption?




  1. I love our evening service at church because I get to her the wonderful testimonies. We all have a story and when someone is able to share it, I think it brings people closer together.

    • I agree. I think people are drawn to authenticity. So when we start being authentic in our community we are naturally drawn to one another. Your church sounds amazing, by the way!

  2. YES! This is such an important message, Sarah. I love that they took the time to get to know you a bit more. I completely agree that sharing stories is so important–God brought us through the events in lives that produce the stories for a reason!
    Beautiful post, friend! I feel inspired to share more of the stories that are on my heart. :)

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