When All Else Fails, Faith Doesn’t


Happy Friday everybody! I’m so excited to have finally made it to this glorious three-day weekend. But before we enter this blissful wonderfulness, I have something special for y’all today! Instead of hearing from me, Roman will be writing today! Yaaay!! So without further ado, here’s Roman!

First I’d like to thank each one of you for making this blog what it is. It’s grown tremendously and has developed into something more than we initially intended. And it’s great. We love it. We love you. So again, I say thank you.

My goal is to contribute more to the blog. After all, it is Life the Casterlines. Plural, as in me too.

My life’s motto, I’ll admit, sounds very cliché: Everything happens for a reason.

I hold on to this phrase because it gets me through things. It allows me to know that no matter what, His plan for me is better than anything I could imagine.

One recent example of this was our move to Columbus. We had to walk out our faith like never before: Quit our jobs. Move to a new city. Empty our savings. These are things we guard closely yet God wanted us to give them all to Him, unwavering and unashamed. And He was faithful, as always. You can read about this in more detail by reading Part One and Part Two of the story.

Our move to Columbus was one of the times my faith has gotten me through. The most recent is our infertility struggle.

The Monday night after we received the results from the specialist we sat down on the couch and discussed our feelings, options and direction. I knew what I felt and I knew what I wanted to do. But how can you tell a woman who has been waiting for over 2 years just to wait longer? I didn’t have the words or courage to speak my heart. So I listened and agreed.

Later that week Sarah went with a friend to a ladies’ event at church, so my friend Meiko and I went out to eat. As usual, we engaged in great conversation. Except this dialogue went a little deeper. This exchange cut to the heart. He asked tough questions and I responded with my perspective. And he countered with honesty. The kind of honesty that sometimes hurts to hear but needed, nevertheless.

He helped me realize my position. He pointed out my faith. He showed me my shortcomings and where I should stand.

You see, I had this hope, this faith throughout this whole struggle that God will take care of us. That God must not want us to have a child right now, for whatever reason. Because, you remember, His plan is better than mine. And I would rather be in His perfect will than anything else.

But my fault was that I didn’t express this faith with my wife who so desperately needed to hear it. Sure, I would mention it in conversation, in passing, but she needed more than that. I needed to step up and be the spiritual leader of my house. I needed to stand firm in my faith.

I had the faith all along. But I was holding it inside. My wife needed to see, needed to hear me living that faith out.

People, it’s hard to be stand strong when your wife is hurting, especially when she’s been hurting for the same reason for such a long period of time. I am a fixer (as are most guys I’ve encountered). I want to be able to hear the problem, see the solution, fix the situation and move on. But I couldn’t. There was nothing I could do or say that would make us conceive. I had hope. I had faith. But was that enough?

It should have been.

The night before my dinner with Meiko, the Lord revealed to Sarah what He had been speaking to me all along. My faith was confirmed, but she should have heard it from me first. During that evening heart-to-heart with Meiko, I decided not to let my faith take a backseat to emotions any longer.

I know that He wants Sarah to carry a child to term. I know that He wants her to experience the miracle of delivering a healthy baby. I also feel that adoption is an option for us, but only after we have 2 children.

These are things God has told me, in one way or another. And these are the things I’m holding on to.

The doctor gave us only a 5% chance of having children, but my God works miracles with 0% chances.

My faith is all I need because He is faithful.


with love,

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What challenges seem to hit your faith the hardest? How do you stand firm in your faith? Also, what other topics would you guys like me to post about?



  1. I love you and I love this. I was wondering while reading (even though I have the inside scoop) what particular Bible verses you hold onto that help build your faith? Also I wanted to say that these results don’t “name you”. You are made perfect by Jesus!

    • Roman

      Thanks Meiks! I love you too buddy! Here are a few; the main ones I hold close.

      “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” – Roman 8:28 (NET)

      This is my motto. Straight from the Word. I know I love Him. And I know He has called me. Therefore I must know that everything works out for my benefit in the end.

      “Look at the nations and pay attention! You will be shocked and amazed! For I will do something in your lifetime that you will not believe even though you are forewarned.” – Habakkuk 1:5 (NET)

      This reminds me of the name of our last band: Divine Interruption. Because we don’t know what His plans are. We can’t fathom the intricate details that must work together for His plan to unfold precisely as He has it. And even if we did, we wouldn’t believe it. He is so much more than we can comprehend.

      and then my favorite:

      “But above all pursue his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough troubles of its own.” –Matthew 6:33-34 (NET)

      This sums it up for me. Put Him first and everything else will be ok.

  2. Thanks Roman for opening up and sharing your heart. You are a great example of a spiritual leader women desire to have as a husband. God is faithful and God does not withhold any good thing from those who are faithful and obedient either! Thank you for sharing.

    PS- “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise…” 2 Peter 3:9 :)

    • Roman

      Thank you Jessie. Being that leader is really important to me. Even though I’m not so great at times. And thank you for the verse!

  3. Your faith is absolutely beautiful, inspiring, and contagious. I love that you said that god works in 0% changes–that is so incredibly true, and it’s not that I’ve forgotten it, but I think I pushed that truth into the back of my mind. Thanks so much for reminding me of this. I think I’m going to write it on a paper real big and put it next to my desk at work. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

    • Roman

      Thank you, Jenna. He does. I’ve seen Him use 0% chances numerous times through other people. I’ve seen and heard of miracles. I have to remind myself sometimes that that’s MY Jesus, too. He can, and has, done those same things in my life. Write it BIG. Write it BOLD. Sarah uses a dry erase marker and writes quotes and scripture on the bathroom mirror. Can’t help but see that! And thank you for reading! :)

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