Weekend Recap: Camping Adventures

Roman and I are on a quest to live in the moment. We want to make these days we’ve been given full of life and love and laughter and we want to live them without abandon. I shared our new endeavor two Fridays ago when I showed you our new tent. And with that, any guesses on what we did over the weekend?


We had so much fun! Saturday we spent a lazy morning at home and then we packed up our survival gear camping gear and drove 40 miles south to Florence Marina State Park. We set up camp, went foraging for lots of firewood, walked around the park and skipped rocks on the water. Roman built a nice big fire and we stayed right there….talking and laughing and cooking hot dogs and eating cookies.

I’m not gonna lie…..it was cold Saturday night. The wind had already died down but it brought that nice little cold front through. We started off really great; we had our sleeping bags with an electric blanket spread out over the top. But sometime in the night the electric blanket stopped working (R.I.P. old friend) and so we wound up sharing a sleeping bag so we could stay warm. No worries though, that next morning I took a really hot shower and Roman got the fire back up again so we warmed up quickly!

Sunday we drove over to Providence Canyon. It was perfect hiking weather—just chilly enough to need a light sweater but nice and sunny with a little bit of a breeze. We had so much fun snapping pictures and looking at all of the beauty around us. And of course, Duke totally loved all of the exercise. He was practically pulling us up the hills because he was just so eager to keep going.

I’m so glad we took the weekend and went on our mini-adventure. If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you can see some more of our pictures from the weekend. We started a hashtag, #adventureswiththecasterlines and have been posting photos all weekend. We’ll continue sharing our favorites throughout the week as we reminisce! Here’s a peak at some of my favorites:






What did you do this weekend? Any adventures? Bonfires? Have you ever gone camping in the cold?




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