The Battle for My Mind


Two weeks ago I shared a small part of my struggle with anxiety. I was so thankful to hear from so many of you—whether in the comments or on social media or personal text messages—that the post was helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about that post…..what it means for me and for you as we struggle to win this battle for our minds. I’ve prayed often for the Lord to open my eyes to this struggle and equip me with the tools I need to fight against The Deceiver.

Y’all, the Lord is so faithful to deliver and equip us when we seek Him! I’ve come across so many blog posts on this topic and read so many devotions and passages of Scripture. He’s slowly stripping away false ideas and theology that have trapped my mind for years! The most helpful post I’ve read is written by Sara Haggerty, a writer I am unashamedly obsessed with right now. She says in her post, “About Those Harmless Thoughts…..”:

“You lock your doors at night and only share your private thoughts with a few close friends, yet you welcome this stranger into your head and accept his thoughts, without filter. You haven’t just shaken hands with the enemy, you’ve partnered with his ideas about you, his ideas about God, and his thoughts about your husband. Your friends. No wonder you feel uncomfortable for more than an hour alone with God. Which thoughts are the enemy’s and which ones are God’s? Which ones are mine? You might wonder, if you stopped to examine them.”

Y’all. I can’t even. This resonated so deep in my soul that I wanted to yell out loud in the middle of my office at work. At the bottom of her post, Sara gives several Scripture verses to help us search out and silence our accuser. She encourages us to repeat them until they are seared into our hearts, to meditate on them daily until our thought patterns change. I decided to do just that, and made my own personal spiritual warfare cards.

I’m so grateful for all that the Lord has been showing me, and I can’t wait to continue to share what I’ve learned and found with all of you. I hope that this will provide further insight and guidance to those of you who struggle with anxiety and self-condemnation as well. Let’s fight this battle for our minds, friends. It can be won by the power of prayer and Scripture!

And now I want to know, do you have any other Scripture verses that you use to weed out deceit? Do you struggle with self-condemnation and/or anxiety? What are some ways that you fight against it?

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