TBT Stories: My First Car {{Van?}}

Feast your eyes upon this beauty:

first car

Say hello to Bessie Mae. Bessie Mae was my first car (van? no one really knows….) She was one of two Plymouth Colt Vistas left running in the United States of America in her year model, which I believe was 1992. Somewhere around there. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

While my friends were getting brand new vehicles for their sixteenth birthday, I got the ultimate hand-me-down from my older sister. This beast featured a sliding door that had duct tape over the handle because if you tried to open it would fall off. Not included was a functioning radio or air conditioner. Although my Dad was kind enough to at least replace the radio so that I was not totally deprived. Yay for rolled down windows and frizzy hair every day for school. Oh wait, the frizzy hair happened anyways. Nevermind.

But you know what? I loved that car. Despite being almost fifteen years old, she could still chug 75 miles down the highway and handled pretty smooth. {{Don’t tell my Dad I drove 75 miles down the highway in that thing.}} And although she smelled kind of like mildew and had more stains in the seats than napkins at a BBQ rib house, I was so grateful just to have my own mode of transportation. Besides, I still wound up being somewhat cool at school because I had a car that was so absolutely ridiculous that it was funny. Or…..maybe that was not such a great thing.

Anyways, she was mine for around six months and then one day she all of a sudden died. Literally. I was driving down the driveway and then….nothing. Some major part had broken and we found out that she was one of only two running vehicles in the country, making it impossible to replace the broken part. We wound up having to call a tow truck to come get her so she could be smushed and sold for metal. *sob*

I want you all to know: I legitimately cried when they drove away in this picture. As in, actual tears. As in, I got mad at Roman because he laughed at me for crying.

So here’s to you, Bessie Mae. Thanks for teaching me a little bit of responsibility so that when I bought my own car a couple years later I knew how to take care of my stuff. Also, thanks for deciding to die in my driveway instead of on the highway when we were speeding to try and make it to school on time. Ahem. Don’t tell my Dad.

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