Can you believe our little nugget is almost eight months old? I’ve said it to two expectant mothers in the last week: they tell you time flies, but really. Time flies.

Some days, I sort of take comfort in those statements. We have spent the last 22 nights {yes, I have been counting} trying to get our sweet little angel to sleep in his own crib at night. After three weeks of re-visiting what it felt like to have a newborn in the house, I think I can confidently say we are finally on the up and up. During some of the really awful nights where I was treading across the living room floor to soothe a frustrated baby almost every hour I would say, “The days will fly by. These days will soon be over. He will sleep better soon. Better days are ahead.” And that would give me comfort.

But those are the only times those words have given me comfort. The rest of the time they make me sad and fill me with longing. I find myself going back to his newborn photos and reminiscing over how tiny he was. How much I miss that new baby smell…..those itty bitty fingers curled around mine. Oh man, the time flies.

And yet, the future is so bright! This little guy, he is changing by the day. So while I am sad he is no longer so very tiny, I am also celebrating his growth and his discovering. And you guys: this kid is trouble.


He started crawling this week. He can already pull up and take steps as long as he’s holding onto something. He dumped out the bathroom trash can and tried to eat the bag while I was taking a shower. He opens the kitchen trash can to look inside. He pulls out the cat’s fur {while she lets him} and has yanked my earring out twice {adios my cute little dangly-earrings.} And as shown in the photo above, he thoroughly enjoys dumping out his dirty clothes bin.

This. is. so. much. fun.

And I don’t mean that sarcastically. I already know that I will reminisce these days one day and think “those were the days.” Watching this kid discover the world around him has brought us so much joy. The other day I cleared my throat and he just laughed and laughed. So for the next ten minutes I continuously cleared my throat so I could listen to his hysterical giggles.

Oh yes, these days have been hard. The moodiness that accompanies teething and the vast sleep deprivation tests my nerves at times. But this happy little troublemaker makes up for it with his intense cuteness and silly squeals.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!  <3


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