September 2017 XA Newsletter



Luke and Hays were on their way to class while discussing how they had been praying about finding a group or club to get involved with. They did not want to join a fraternity and preferred the organization to be Christian based. This particular Thursday they took a different route to class which happened to take them right by our Chi Alpha contact table. As they approached, I yelled “free snowcones!” I asked for their names and which flavor they preferred. Before heading to class, they both filled out a contact card and I invited them to the toilet paper dodgeball event we were hosting later that evening.

Hays showed up that night to throw rolls of toilet paper at other people. He had a blast (and so did I). I was able to talk to him a little more and invited him to our LifeGroup. The next week, Hays and Luke both attended our LifeGroup. Since that first LifeGroup meeting, I have started to meet with each of them for one-on-one discipleship. I have loved getting to know them better, understand where they are in their walk with Christ, and how we can help each other grow closer to God.

Fall Breakaway is Chi Alpha’s fall retreat where we get to breakaway from school for a weekend to have a ton of fun, learn more about God, and to focus on growing closer as a family unit. All of Chi Alpha in Georgia attended and we had such an amazing time! Hays attended and had this to say about the weekend: “I am so blessed that I am a part of this awesome family. God really outdid Himself by leading me to such an amazing group of friends. I am so happy I got to grow in my faith surrounded by this new family of mine. XA Fall Breakaway was lifechanging and it spiritually rejuvenated me. It opened my eyes in ways I had never realized was possible. I took a step in my faith and I became even closer to being a man of God. This weekend will definitely be remembered as one of the most memorable experiences of my life.”

Hays is only a freshman but we have already had the conversation about him becoming a leader in Chi Alpha next year. Hays’ story is just one of many that we get to be a part of every single semester. God is doing some amazing things here at CSU and as a member of my support team, you are also a part of that story! Thank you so much for your continued support.


Our LifeGroup sat by the lake during Fall Breakaway to discuss Joseph’s dreams and the dreams God has given us. We’re missing a few students who were unable to attend.


Family Corner


Jackson had a doctor appointment to follow up on his weight since he was a little below the average growth curve. The doctor was very pleased that he had gained 3 pounds, grew 4 inches and his head grew an inch in diameter. He is now back on the average curve. During Fall Breakaway Jackson stayed with my parents who took him to the zoo for the first time; he had so much fun! He is talking so much now. He knows several animals and foods. He is infatuated with trucks and tractors. If you see him, ask for a high five or a fist bump, he loves it.


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