Rise Up, Lioness

Last month in my You Can, We Can update post, I mentioned that I was joining in with Lauren from 34 Magnolia Street on a new campaign called Operation Read your Shelves. The goal is to finish reading all the books we have piled up on our bookshelves, share what we’re reading with others, and maybe find some new books that we want to put on our bookshelves. Because all bookworms know, there will never be a time when you do NOT have about five or six (or twenty) lined up on your “I want to read this” list.

My goal was to finish two books: Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and Unleash the Writer Within by Cecil Murphey. The good news is I finished Lioness Arising, the bad news is I didn’t even touch the other one. Ooops.


I’ve had Lioness Arising for four years. FOUR YEARS, I have been reading this book. I’ve started it over at least three times, so I’ve read the first three chapters like, a lot. Don’t get me wrong—it’s a great book. It’s just that I would start reading it and then something would always come up, and by the time I remembered I was reading it I had forgotten the first part so then I’d start it over again.

I think my favorite chapter was chapter nine. In this chapter, Lisa detailed her trip to India where she attempted to capture the stories of girls trapped in sex trafficking. It was heartbreaking to read, because we like to pretend stories like this don’t really happen:

“I entered and couldn’t help but notice another door. It was slightly draped and led to a narrow hallway lined with rows of what looked like bathroom stalls. I later learned this was where the girls slept and serviced their clients. Looking down this hall, I noted a few doors were closed, which could mean a girl was resting or occupied.………I turned to the pastor. He prayed with and for these women. As he called upon heaven, the women in our group moved in among these precious daughters and embraced each one, surrounding them likewise in prayer. In that moment it felt as though the walls moved back. I noticed a customer as he exited, zipping his pants and casting a look of disgust over his shoulder as he went. We were unusual visitors.”

Doesn’t that make your soul hurt for these girls? To know that right now, hundreds of thousands of our sisters across the world are “servicing clients” and living in oppression? If I really think about it, it makes me want to scream and throw things at the injustice of it all. But what Lisa talks about in this book is just that: fighting against darkness. How can we, as women, be strong in our fight against injustice? How can we protect each other? How can we learn to be good leaders, while also respecting our husbands? How do we pray “dangerous prayers” and stand up for our sisters who have no one standing in the gap for them?

I’ve always loved Lisa Bevere and her husband, John. Their ministry and their books always awaken a part of me that was once asleep, and this book was no exception. If you’re looking for a good book to read, I encourage you to pick this one up. I know that it will inspire you as much as it did me!

And be sure to check out Lauren’s link-up ->HERE<- where you can find tons of book reviews from other bloggers. Let’s fill our “to read” list up!

What good books have you read lately? Why did you love it so much? What’s next on your list?




  1. Sarah, I am so glad you joined in on the link up! I’ve always got a “to-read” list about a mile long, so I love finding fellow bookworms. This will of course go on that list :). Sounds like an eye-opening read. Thanks for sharing!!

    • It truly was! Thanks so much for starting this link-up and giving me the motivation I need to finish some of these books. Because I’ve got plenty more on my list too! ;)

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