Pitching our Tent

We were lying in bed one night. Sleep was evading us both, even though our eyes were tired and our day had been long. “Do you know what I really want to do?” he asked. “What?” I returned. “Buy a tent and go camping. Just set up somewhere with you and Duke and hike and camp.” I was quiet for a few moments. “We should do it.” I whispered. “We should do it now. Before future kids come and before time slips away.”

Two days later we found ourselves in Dick’s Sporting Goods purchasing a tent; which obviously meant that later that night it was set up in our living room. Because duh. You have to make sure it works.



We’ve been talking a lot about living in the moment…not just on the blog but in “real life” too. It seems like we read about it all the time. Like suddenly the Lord is just repeating over and over that this is what He has for us in this season. And so when one of us brings up a dream that we would like to pursue, why not? Why not do it? Especially if it’s something as simple as buying a tent and going for a weekend hike.

Over and over again I remind myself that this space here, this place where we’re at right now is precious. As painful as infertility is, we’ve had four awesome years of just being together. And although we’ll be overjoyed to welcome those tiny faces into our world, I’m also fully aware that life will never be the same again. We won’t ever be “alone” until we are much older, and even then we won’t really be alone.

So in these young years where we’ve got nothing but time, we’re going camping. Because we may not get to go camping six months from now, or ten years from now, or fifty years from now. We may never make time for something as simple as pitching a tent and building a campfire. I certainly hope we do, but there is no way to know for sure that we will. I certainly hope that in the midst of tiny children and ministry and growing careers that we take time to pause and enjoy the moment and laugh and explore. But why wait for that moment to start living? We’re taking this moment and running with it.

We bought a tent. We’re going camping. We’re seizing our today and doing the things we want to do. And I think we’re becoming better for it.


What is something you’ve always wanted to do? What’s stopping you? What can you do to fulfill this dream?





    • Roman

      My family and I would go at least twice a year for about a week at a time. Over the years we graduated from tents to a pop-up camper. Although, my parents didn’t put an A/C unit in until AFTER I got married…. Sarah and I have been a few times together. I’m looking forward to starting a new tradition. One that we can include our kids in.

      And thanks. We always have so much fun together. :)

  1. Rebecca

    Explore the country-side of France, live outside a little country village and learn be a part of their culture and learn how to bake their authentic breads…learn the towns old stories and legends. ;)

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