Meet Rory.

Yea. We bought a new car. And if you’ve been around for a while, then you may quickly point out that buying a new car was not on our radar for the near future. Obviously, things have changed. So for those of you who may have missed all the Facebook updates three weeks ago, here … [Read more…]

Community Brew: Open Topic

Today we are veering off our normal “Wifey Wednesday” routine to participate in the Community Brew link-up! Click the graphic below to visit Madison at The Wetherills Say I Do and check out the posts of other awesome bloggers! This month’s topic is an open topic, so we are all encouraged to write whatever is … [Read more…]

Get Off The Rock!!

One thing I always said I’d never do is go snorkeling. I’m terrified of drowning, and I’m not a very strong swimmer. The idea of picking my feet off the ocean floor AND breathing through the snorkel while my face was under water freaked me out. So when we went camping at the beach a … [Read more…]

Into the Deep

I’m quite late posting today because I’ve been responding to several comments over at (in)courage  both last night and today. If you missed my post yesterday, then go check out my first ever guest post with (in)courage! {{Click here}} It has been so amazing to see women respond in the comments section, and I’ve even … [Read more…]

My Little Black Box

Hey there, lovelies! Today I am so SO very excited to be guest posting at (in)courage for the very first time. Y’all. You just don’t even know. If you’ve never heard of (in)courage, let me just encourage you  to go visit their page. (Ha! See what I did there?!?) Some of the biggest names in the … [Read more…]

Arguing with Jesus

Two Sundays ago I was standing in my closet. We were late for church; I already knew we were going to miss Sunday school, but I couldn’t find anything to wear. I heard a quiet voice tell me to pick something long, like maybe a maxi skirt or dress pants. I chose a short sundress … [Read more…]