Waiting My Life Away

All my life I have been waiting. When I was a child I couldn’t wait to be a big kid who could go to the buffet at Ryan’s without an adult (dreams of children everywhere, I’m sure.) When I was in middle school I couldn’t wait to be in high school. When I was in … [Read more…]

Rory kinda messed everything up.

If you’ve been around for a while, then you might remember how we had to suddenly buy a new car at the end of July. (FYI to all my new readers: we had to buy a new car. His name is Rory.) Obviously this threw our entire debt pay-off plan off kilter, but I have … [Read more…]

When All Else Fails, Faith Doesn’t

Happy Friday everybody! I’m so excited to have finally made it to this glorious three-day weekend. But before we enter this blissful wonderfulness, I have something special for y’all today! Instead of hearing from me, Roman will be writing today! Yaaay!! So without further ado, here’s Roman! First I’d like to thank each one of … [Read more…]

You Can, We Can: Vol. 4


Today is the second Wednesday of October (wait, what??) which means it is time for another update with the You Can, We Can linkup! I’m co-hosting today with Rebecca from Barefoot Thunder so if you have a post you can add the link in the widget at the end of this post.Ooooor, if you just want … [Read more…]

Meet Rebecca!

Today I’m introducing you to this month’s sponsor and my newest blog-friend! YAY!! Everyone, meet Rebecca: Rebecca blogs over at Caravan Sonnet, and she has really become a woman that I truly admire. Despite all of the darkness she’s gone through/is going through–and once you read her blog, you’ll know she’s walking through some trying … [Read more…]

{Weekend Adventures-Vol. 2}

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was great! {But exhausting.} Tomorrow I’ll be introducing you to a new friend of mine, Wednesday I’ll be co-hosting the You Can, We Can link-up, and Thursday I’m finally going to post about the re-decorating of my living room. And Friday? Friday I miiiiight have a special surprise … [Read more…]

Faith Over Fear.

  I’ve mentioned before how much I love “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. If you’re new here then let me tell you: I really really really love “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It’s a daily devotional written by Sarah, but she writes it from God’s perspective. So using the Scripture verses from that day, she … [Read more…]