Pray for Us?

I was bad last night and forgot to take pictures of the softball game. But not to worry, there will be another one on Thursday. And in case you’re wondering, no, we did not win last night. But we had tons of fun and that’s all that really matters. But today, instead of talking about … [Read more…]

Cameras, Puppies and Best Friends

Yesterday was a fun day. Both for us and for Duke. After I got off work I rushed home to get ready because me, Roman and Duke were going to get some pictures made by the talented Therese Atkinson. She is the same person who took my best friend’s (Brooke) wedding photos back in February. … [Read more…]

Lots of Things to Tell…..

Yes, I know, I have already broken my promise of writing every day. But after you read about everything we’ve been doing the past three days, you might will forgive me. So let’s dive in, shall we? I worked half a day on Friday (woo hoo!!) so that I could spend some time with my … [Read more…]

Exciting News!! (no, I’m not pregnant)

I have some exciting news today! A few weeks ago I wrote/submitted an article to a Christian blog that I follow. On Monday, I was contacted and told that my article was being published on their webiste!  :)  :) So, go on over and check it out here. The name of my post is “I Am … [Read more…]

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Well this is the first of hopefully many blog posts. I can’t help but admit that I feel a little bit like a dumb-dumb for even having a blog. Not sure why, I love to write! So where to start?? My husband and I have been married for almost two years (time flies when you’re … [Read more…]