Cruisin’ (Part 1)

After much growling at the computer screen, I have finally fixed my dilemma. Which means I can finally start sharing pictures from our cruise last week! Wahoo! So, I called this Part 1. I don’t know how many “parts” there will be…I guess whenever I decide I’ve shared enough LOL. So let’s get started, shall … [Read more…]

He. Is. Faithful.

Before I say anything else, I want to wish my husband a Happy Two Year Anniversary! Wahoo!!! It has definitely been a great two years, but it has also been difficult with school and our otherwise crazy schedules. But Hallelujah we’re graduated from college now so no more of that stuff going on anymore. I … [Read more…]

It’s Almost Time!

I have less than an hour now before I leave work. Then it’s a week long vacation for me! Wahoo!! So yes, I know it is just so very sad, but you will have to live without me for a little over a week because I will NOT have computer access where I’m going!  :)  … [Read more…]

The Importance of Marriage

Before I get started on what I really want to talk about, I thought I would share a quick picture with you guys. Look who finally got over his fear of dog bones?? Awww, we’re so proud of our little puppy for finally deciding that the bone was not out to get him. Now if we … [Read more…]

Mosquitoes, Gnats, and Bullfrogs

The title of this post was at the request of my darling husband. I was lamenting to him over the phone about how I couldn’t think of anything to write about. He replied with one of his always-encouraging responses: write about mosquitoes, gnats and bullfrogs. That man makes me laugh every day, at least once. … [Read more…]

Mrs. Late

The title of this post is what my real last name should be. If anyone knows me even only a little bit, then they know that I am fashionably late just about everywhere I go. But no worries, one place this girl won’t be late to is my cruise-vacation next week (insert muffled scream of … [Read more…]

A Little Late…..

Well…..I know I’m super duper late on my posts. I’ve been in training all week so I haven’t been able to write during my lunch break because I’m not with my computer. I was going to try and post one huge long blog tonight complete with several pictures, but my internet is not cooperating at … [Read more…]

Hide and Seek, Organization and Sunsets

Wow, it has been one crazy weekend!! FYI, because of how busy we normally stay during the weekends, I probably won’t blog on Saturdays or Sundays. Anywho, let’s dive into the weekend, shall we? Friday night we went on a triple date with our friends to see The Avengers. It was amazing! While we were … [Read more…]

Hey Batter Batter!!

Yay me for remembering to take pictures of last night’s softball game!! Most of these were taken by me, but some of them were taken by my father-in-law. We lost. Miserably so. But we had a TON of fun and that’s all that truly matters. Allow me to narrate: This is a glove… case you … [Read more…]


Ralph loves looking out the window. I would like to think that he was watching for me to come home, but he actually was probably looking at another cat. Or a bug. I think the past two years have caught up to me, because I have been so sleepy these past few days. So I … [Read more…]