October 2017 XA Newsletter



Agent K, an ostrich rider, and Agent J at the XA Halloween party.

Community is Chi Alpha’s first core value. You can see evidence of this anywhere you see XA students.

We were not created to be alone; we have a God-given need for relationships. LifeGroups are the perfect opportunity to experience community and build relationships. More than just a Bible study, LifeGroups allow us to share both the joys and struggles of walking through life together. LifeGroups provide encouragement, support, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our LifeGroup has been so great this semester! We solidified the group as a family at Fall Breakaway and have only become closer as the semester progresses. We are discovering more about each other and more about what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Because of the community they feel in LifeGroup, students are more inclined to invite other students to join them. Q attended his first LifeGroup because a friend invited him. He has been a faithful LifeGroup member ever since and has even invited one of his friends. Now, they both are consistently coming to LifeGroup, our Monday night service, as well as other events.

Last week I started meeting with Q for our one-on-one discipleship. Q is one of four students I meet with every week. He is hungry for more of Jesus. He is asking all the right questions, participating in LifeGroup, and is not afraid to be vulnerable with me if it helps him become a better man, a better friend, and a better follower of Christ.

This is what Chi Alpha is about. This is what LifeGroups are about. Community. Discipleship.

Out of these LifeGroups come next year’s leaders, better disciplers, and future missionaries.

You have a direct impact on these students’ lives because your prayer and financial support allows me to meet with these students and disciple them as they grow in their faith. Thank you so much for your continued support and willingness to invest in these students.


Once a month our LifeGroup meets off campus for something fun. Saturday, we had breakfast at IHOP.

Family Corner


Chi Alpha had a truck at one of the local churches’ Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat. I was working the event, but Jackson enjoyed riding the train and eating “yuckers” (suckers). Sarah helped with the XA Halloween party and Jackson came too, dressed as a little blue monster. The students were outside dancing so I took Jackson and sat him in the center of the circle and told him to dance, which he did and it was hilariously cute! Jackson has become obsessed with all things trucks. And now that he is in a front-facing car seat he is sure to point out every truck, big truck, bus, tractor, and car we pass.


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