Motivation Monday: Being Present in the Bad Days


Last Friday I wrote a post about living in the moment. It’s getting shared quite a bit and is being read by many people. {If you missed it, click here.} I feel like the reason it’s been received so well is because we are all searching for a little bit slower pace of life….especially as we draw close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We all want time to slow down for a bit and for us to be more present in our everydays.

Yet there is something I left out in last week’s post that I think is worth mentioning: just because we are aiming to be present in every moment doesn’t mean we have to be happy in every moment.

My friend made a very important comment over the weekend. She said, “life is meant to be lived, not endured.” The thing about actually living life though, is that we have to feel the full spectrum of what our lives are currently bringing us. Some days this means we will be overflowing with happiness and laughter. Other days this means we cry bitter tears and question everything.

Let me be clear: this is okay. If today is an awful day, then recognize it as an awful day. Don’t try to shove those emotions deep inside and press on as though everything is fine. Feel that sadness, cry over it if you need to. There is no shame in that. Part of being present in every moment and living for today is dealing with what’s in front of you, rather than wishing for what’s ahead.

I just wanted to encourage and reassure you in this, because I know that there are some of my readers who are going through a rough time right now. {Side note: I am one of them.} Don’t feel guilty for being in this phase of your life, but don’t lose hope either. And don’t forget that Jesus is ever-present with us…..through our good days and our bad days. We can take all of our bad days and our bad seasons to Him and ask for His comfort and peace. He will always be faithful to us and fulfill His promise to be our sustainer and our helper.

We don’t need to feel guilty for having sad days. We just have to know Who to take those sad days to. And that makes all the difference as we strive to be present in every moment.

Do you ever feel guilty for feeling sad? Do you try to shove those “negative emotions” away rather than feeling them and working through them?




  1. Again, another post that went right to my heart! I think about the seasons of life, the ups and downs, and God promises us get us THROUGH them. We will not be stuck. Love the quote by your friend- life is meant to be LIVED! Thank you for sharing!

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