Let the Games Begin!

I know all of you are dying to hear read every last excrutiating detail about our moving process, so who am I to deny your wishes?  ;-)  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Because I am such a list person who loves writing out lists for each and every task that I may do or each and every grocery I may ever buy, it only makes sense that yesterday afternoon I sat down to write out a schedule/list for moving. Yes, I know that moving is chaotic and no matter how well you plan it, things never go according to plan. I still love lists a whole lot. So I wrote one. So there. This list was a biggy (and yes, the original has already changed from last night)….seeing as how there are a billion and two things to do when moving. Hold on to your shoe laces…..cuz here comes the most updated copy of our “Listy McListerson for Moving”

  • August 14: organize the bookcase and start cleaning out the guestroom closets
  • August 15: finish the guestroom closets
  • August 16: go through clothes to get rid of some, put unneeded clothes in trunk of car, put unneeded kitchen appliances on kitchen table, fix walls (from where Duke decided he was hungry for some drywall…..thanks Duke)
  • August 17: sign lease and get keys!!  :) show parents the new house  :)   :)  :)  :)
  • August 18: change locks on house, move all 3 guestrooms/closets, move the kitchen table
  • August 19: begin taking up fence from backyard and moving it to new house
  • August 20: work on fence some more, pick up change of address forms
  • August 21: pack any other unneeded items and take to house, clean empty rooms of the trailer, go to Mitchell EMC to get power turned on at new house
  • August 22: catch-up day
  • August 23: catch-up day
  • August 24-25: power should come on at new house, clean new house
  • August 26: move living room, pantry, washer/dryer
  • August 27: move bedroom, kitchen and all other remaining items, finish cleaning new house, hopefully spend our 1st night at new house!!!  :)  :)
  • August 28: finish removing fence from old house, clean old house, go to Mitchell EMC to have power turned off at old house
  • August 29: one last walk through of old house
  • August 30: sleep. a long time.
  • August 31: give keys to old house back to landlord
  • September: unpack, put up fence, eat lots of chocolate, don’t go crazy

How’s that for a to-do list?? I wrote up the original yesterday during my lunch break and then Roman and I went over it and adjusted some things. But for all of you non-believers of lists out there, we actually accomplished a good bit yesterday and we are still right on track. I have my entire office packed up except for what is on my desk. The desk has not been packed up for two reasons: 1) I ran out of boxes and 2) I don’t really plan to pack it. I just plan to kind of swipe everything into a box, close the lid and then throw everything back up there once we get moved in. So it will literally only take me like one minute to pack it. So woo hoo for good progress on day one!

I had actually planned to tackle all three guest bedroom closets last night, but then I realized something. If I get less organized in my packing as time goes on (which I’ve heard happens to everyone), then I had better get the worst room out of the way first. My office looks like a tornado came through it almost every day. So it definitely needed some intense organization before I could even pack it. Yay for me for sticking through it and getting ‘er done. Now, how about some pictures?? (as if you haven’t gotten enough details already…..)

Here are all of the boxes piled up after bringing them inside. Some of them are not assembled yet. And there was probably a cat inside one of them….

Here is the very first box packed up all nice and purty!!  :)  (notice the bookshelves that are full of ….stuff.

And with labeling like this, how can you go wrong?

Here is one view of the office after I had finished packing it up. Note the three books that I forgot to put in the box. I was too lazy to slice back through the tape just to pack them up. I’ll carry them by hand …haha. See my desk back there? Yea, total un-organization for someone who is as OCD as me.

 Here is a second view of all of the boxes. Hip hip hooray for cleaned out bookshelves!!

Because Ralph, the dearest, sweetest, kindest cat in the whole world deeply enjoys shredding cardboard and has taught his partner in crime, Lauren, to do the same, I had to barricade the door to my office to keep them from squeezing underneath it and chewing through a box while we slept. So now my hallway looks like this (a heavy box of cat litter is on the other side):

Speaking of that lovely cat, here he is now. You would never guess that behind that cute little face lies a cardboard serial killer.

And I can’t have a picture of Ralph without throwing one in there of Dukey-face. Here he is, begging for food at 12:30 in the morning. Yes, we were up that late. Oops.

Speaking of Roman, where was he in all of this? Well, first we had a pile of dishes that had to be done. We weren’t home on Saturday which is when we normally catch up on the dishes so he was kind enough to take care of them while I started packing. After that, he did some small things that needed to be taken care of, like filling in a couple of scratches from our precious four-legged child, touching up the shutters from where we painted them after we moved in, and putting this bad boy back up:

Mmmm….now if that’s not beauty, I don’t know what is.     ….totally kidding. I hate that thing. Which is why we bought a new one before we even moved in. A new one that is coming with us to our new place because it cost us a pretty penny (or more). This bad boy has been chillin’ in the office closet to be re-hung when we moved out. So as much as I really really really really hate this light, I am excited to see its return because that means we are finally moving to a new place. Look, it even has some “character”……not.

So all in all, yesterday was a really great first day of packing. The animals have no clue what’s going on. The cats were just excited that there were empty boxes to play in for a while….Duke is mad that he can’t walk into a room of the house because that room is full of stuff. Poor guy.
And for all of you out there who caught the whole “going to bed after midnight” thing, no worries. I promise we will not be doing that every night. God has already fussed at me for doing too much. I was working on organizing the bookcase. It had already been organized. Twice. In one night. But I still just didn’t like it. Suddenly God spoke into my heart and told me to stop being too OCD about everything or I was going to lose my mind and this move would take ten years. So I quit being overly OCD and just started packing. After that things went much faster and the whole room was packed in no time. So….scouts honor: I will not go crazy-OCD and stay up past midnight every night packing up my house. Promise.
But it was so funny because even when we did go to bed we couldn’t sleep because we were too excited. We were talking about how we were going to arrange things and how we were going to decorate (we are considering re-painting our bedroom furniture soon). We were so tired but still just too excited to sleep. Yay for new exciting things like houses with a dishwasher! :)
Oh and we do have a small list of things that we need to purchase (yay for another list?)
  • New litter box lid (the handle on the old one broke, but we would also like one with a flap in the door so that all the litter won’t come out when Ralph has a kicking fit.
  • Mat to go under the litter box
  • Plastic tote for craft supplies and extra office supplies (my desk does not have drawers so right now they just sit all over my office)
  • 2 new pillows for the couch (Duke has thoroughly destroyed the ones we have. And now the cats are finding out how much fun it is to pull stuffing out of a hole. And yes, I will be putting the new pillows out of reach at night so that we won’t have a repeat of the pillow destruction)
  • New locks for the doors
  • Filing cabinet (one day, not a necessity right now)
Not too bad, I think. The locks may be a little pricey, but my parents have offered to put it on their Lowe’s card for us and us pay them back, so our up-front costs of moving into a new place should be really low. Hooray!
And oh yea, Roman had an interview this morning at 11. He said he thought it went really well. He said he should hear a definite answer by the end of this week. Not trying to get ahead of myself or anything, but I have a really good feeling about this one! Hopefully you will be seeing a new post tomorrow or Friday with a new job announcement!!  :)   :)
“I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises.”   ~Psalm 34:1

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