Laughing with the Lord

Today the Lord and I had a really good laugh together.

I started back running yesterday. I decided that three months was a good amount of time to allow my body to heal. So with Jackson’s three month birthday this week came my return to the world of exercise. I figured that doing a yoga video on my non-running days would do me some good. Which meant this morning I dragged the baby swing into the living room, popped in the DVD, rolled out the yoga mat, and spent twenty minutes realizing how badly stiff my whole entire body is.

At the end of the video she has you lay down flat on the mat so that you can “decompress” and “deeply relax.” Except by the end of the video Jackson was SO OVER the baby swing and crying, and my cat was chasing his tail right next to my head. And I just thought, “Lord, doing yoga with a baby is kind of the dumbest idea I’ve had since becoming a mom.” and we both laughed and laughed.

A lot has changed over the last three months, and that includes my relationship with the Lord. Gone are the days when I could spend an hour doing quiet time or sit on the back porch and watch creation around me and listen to His voice. In fact, I have paused the writing of this post four times now to take care of a whiny baby who should be napping right now but doesn’t want to. My relationship with the Lord has changed, but I think it’s for the better. Because rather than having a set time each day to meet with Him (which to be honest, I was never very good at anyways) I now try to tuck in moments with Him throughout my whole day.

And I think, isn’t it better that way? Doesn’t He want our whole day, not just thirty minutes in the morning? Now please don’t misunderstand, because I know He loves when we dedicate blocks of our schedule completely to Him. I just don’t think that’s all He wants. I think He wants a part of all of our day.

My relationship with Christ now looks like reading a devotion in my e-mail during a nursing session…singing praise songs while I fix my make-up so Jackson won’t cry….taking the baby for a walk outside and sharing in God’s creation together….laughing with the Lord during a yoga video….and if I’m super lucky, scrawling in my prayer journal while the baby takes his afternoon nap. {Which he is clearly not doing, in this moment.}

Last weekend I was feeling pretty down on myself during church. We missed the entire worship segment because someone who shall not be named wouldn’t stop eating so we could leave. I was able to sit down for about ten minutes of the sermon before this same someone had a huge blow out. A diaper change, outfit change, and baby wipe monkey bath later, and I was back in the sanctuary. Thirty seconds later I was out in the foyer because the tiny human did not want to sit down, he wanted to walk. I finally re-entered during the alter call because I knew the music would drown out any of his noises and generally he loves listening to music. I stood there next to Roman and thought, “This was a total flop. I only spent ten minutes in here. At least Roman got to hear the sermon, so I guess that’s good.” But a few moments later I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and heard Him sweetly whisper, “Any effort to come into My presence is worth it. And I am not only here in this sanctuary. I am with you wherever you go.”

And that’s the whole point, my dear friends. He is always with us. When we are changing diapers or worshiping in church or nursing at 2 am or working behind our desks, He is always present. Will we invite Him into those mundane moments and share them with Him? Will we point our thoughts towards Him as we cook dinner? What does daily communion with Him look like for us?

For me, it looks like laughing with the Lord during a yoga DVD next to a silly cat and a screaming baby.

How do you make an effort to spend time with the Lord? Are there ways you can tuck Him into your life that you currently don’t right now? What would you like your relationship with Him to look like in the season of life you’re in? 


  1. Tarynkay

    What a beautiful post! Thanks for this. I’ve beeb doing a lot of rambling incoherent praying during those middle of the night nursing sessions and feeling like they don’t count.

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