Hey it’s Monday, and I’m on Vacation!


Yup, you read that right! I couldn’t tell you guys any sooner, because this whole trip was actually a huge surprise to one of my friends going with us. But we’re currently in sunny Florida, waiting to board our ship for our cruise!


Not that I’m excited, or anything like that.

Y’all, we have NEEDED this vacation. It seems like Roman and I have just been stuck in difficult situation after difficult situation. Last year we started infertility treatments, I had knee surgery, we made the difficult decision to stop infertility treatments, then we started planning our move to Columbus, then we moved to Columbus without having any job offers for Roman, then we got a really bad diagnosis for our infertility and YOU GUYS. These last two years have just held a whole lot for us. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been filled with lots of good, but all of these ups and downs do a lot of tiring things on a girl’s soul, ya know?

So when our friend, Meiko, asked if we’d like to vacation with him and his wife in celebration of their second year anniversary, Roman and I said, “Well, let us pray abou-GOD SAID YES.” And then we devised a plan to surprise his wife, Simone, with the whole trip. Roman would have loved to surprise me as well, but seeing as how I run the finances that would have been impossible.

Anyways, enough about all of that. There are two main things I want you all to know: 1) we still have posts scheduled throughout the week, so still visit back! In fact, I’m really really excited about Wednesday’s post so make sure you don’t miss it! I’ve already got all of the social media announcements scheduled as well, so it will “appear” as though I’m still doing my normal thang. But 2) I’m not actually “here.” So please don’t get frustrated when I don’t respond to your comments right away. Our ship is back in port this Friday, so I’ll probably be all caught up by this weekend.

Until then, I love you guys, and I’m so very sorry that we all just can’t load the ship together and have one big huge happy vacation at the same time. That would be pretty fun, actually. Maybe Carnival will sponsor a “Life with the Casterlines” cruise adventure. Hmmmm……we’ll dream for that.  ;)

When is the last time you went on vacation? Where did you go? Can we start a social media petition to Carnival for a sponsored cruise? #cruisewiththeCasterlines Who’s with me??!? 




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