Hey Family!

Long time no see, huh? This blog has stayed weirdly vacant ever since I announced my break last November. It was never my intention for it to be like this but time slipping away has seemed to be the theme for 2015. I have lots and lots to update you on and I hope you’ll stick around to share what’s new with you in the comment section at the end of this post. Yea?

hey-family3On Columbus…..

We are still totally in love with Columbus. Can you believe that we have been living here for a year this month??!? I can’t. We still miss our family and friends in Camilla a ton but I know the Lord has really blessed us this last year in Columbus. We’ve got friends that feel like family and a church home that has really helped us grow in our walk with the Lord. We still really enjoy taking some time on the weekends exploring and finding new places. This city is so rich for adventure!

Jobs and Such…..

Both our careers are going really well. Roman is quickly approaching the end of his year of training and we are both really excited about that. I still enjoy my job here as well, despite having to fly to St. Louis three times in less than a year. {I still hate flying….in case you’re wondering.}
I’ve always wanted to work from home full-time and I’m really wrestling with that right now. I’m trying to find out what I would like to do and if it’s going to provide enough for us financially for me to do it. I was given the opportunity to take a week-long intensive course on freelancing in January called Blissboost from Charissa with House of Bliss. It really got me thinking and I’m super motivated to start pursuing my dream…..our society has changed so much to accommodate work-from-home arrangements! Would you pray with me that the Lord would lead me down the right road and that I would be open to His call?

So what’s new with you? Anything exciting happening in 2015? Did you file your taxes today? ;) Did you try a new recipe for dinner and rock it? Give me all the details on all the things….I’ve missed you guys!!


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