Getting to Know You: Entry 7

I know we normally do this on Tuesday, but I’m on vacation this week so we’re allowed to do things a little backwards. If you’ve been waiting on a response from me, no worries–I’ll be getting back with you soon!  :)

Last week I was going crazy. I cleaned my entire house. The. Entire. House. All the dishes were washed, clothes were washed, folded and put away, floors were vacuumed, bathrooms were cleaned, even the shower and tub got a good scrubbing. I didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m. the night before we left for Florida. Because I literally can’t go on vacation while my house is a mess.

Am I the only one who does this? I sort of feel like I am.

Part of the reason I make sure my house is clean is kind of really morbid. What if I die while I’m gone? The last thing I want people to find when they open up the door to my house is a huge mess. I can just hear them now at my funeral, “She was such a great lady, but a terrible housekeeper!!” “You should have seen her baseboards. They were AWFUL.” Wait…they probably would still say that. I never clean my baseboards. Because when you have two cats and a dog there is literally no point. #canttouchthis

The real reason I go through all that trouble though is because I am worth absolutely nothing when I come back from vacation. I don’t want to cook. I don’t want to unpack. And I CERTAINLY don’t want to deal with leftover laundry and dishes. I can relax so much more while I’m away knowing that I will return to a sparkling clean house and I don’t have to do anything but walk in the door and put my things away when I get home.

Side note: I always unpack and put away everything as soon as I get home. I can’t stand “living out of a suitcase”, or whatever they call it.

Wow, my neat freak is showing. I need to cover that up.

Do you clean your house before you go on vacation? Why or why not? 




  1. Tarynkay

    I do clean the house before vacations, but I do it so I don’t have to come back to mess. The funeral angle had not occurred to me, but good point.

    My mom used to frantically clean the house before we went on trips. I asked her why once, and she said, “What if someone breaks in while we’re gone and the house looks like a pig sty????” So there you go. My mother, scrubbing baseboards for burglars.

  2. I clean before we go on vacation, too! It’s so nice to come back from a holiday and not have to worry about the house being a mess. That’s too funny when you said you clean because of what they might say at your funeral! Ha, that made me giggle..but it also made me think! I think I should probably clean more. :)

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