Do the Next Thing

The first four months of last year my husband and I were in the most anxious season we’ve ever been in. Roman had applied for his dream job……..except his dream job was in a city two hours away. Not a big deal, except we had spent almost our entire lives in our small community. Taking this job would mean leaving our families, our best friends, and our church home. Everything we knew and were comfortable with would no longer be just around the corner. We’d move to a much larger city and be 100% alone.

Sometimes God places you in a room with several open doors. What door should we choose? What is God’s will for my life? We quickly stress out and become paralyzed. What if we choose wrong?

Often we wind up just sitting there…..forever waiting on a voice from heaven to direct our steps. We sing that song, “I’m waiting, waiting on You, Lord.” You know, the one by John Waller. {Don’t act like you’re not humming it in your head right now.}

Can I suggest something to you, friend? Maybe sometimes God just wants us to take a step to SOMEWHERE. Maybe He wants to see some feet to our faith. Maybe He wants us to step out of that boat and do what seems impossible. Maybe, when He sits us in the big room with several open doors, He just wants us to move.

So pick a door, any door, and move towards it. Commit wholeheartedly. Step towards it. If it’s not the right door, the Lord will close it when it’s time for it to be closed. And then He’ll either open a new door or show you the right one or allow you to try out the next door. Our paths are not usually step-by-step plans. They often appear more like wandering through a desert.


Yet we serve a God who does not let one step go without purpose. Whether we step to the right or to the left, He is always teaching and growing and refining. We can rest in that. We can step through the next door knowing that.

Last year, my husband and I decided that we would just do the next thing. Was this job the job for us? Should we move away from everything that was familiar? We weren’t positive, although we did feel like maybe we should. So we just walked through the door, halfway hoping He would close it, halfway hoping He wouldn’t. I applied for a job and got it in less than a month. We found a house. We even wound up moving to our new city before he got a job offer. {Side note: this literally felt like falling off a cliff. And everyone thought we were nuts.}

Guess what? Even though we miss our family and friends and church, it was the best decision we’ve ever made as a couple. My husband is doing what he’s always wanted. I’m in a stress-free job and pursuing my dream. We have a whole new world of friends and a church that is nurturing our walk with the Lord. I couldn’t have written a happier ending to this chapter even if I tried.

Yes friend, sometimes, the Lord illuminates the path clearly. But other times we just have to do the next thing and see where it leads us.

What are some choices you’ve had to make that were really difficult? What did you do? How did it turn out?


  1. Nina Biagini

    The greatest lesson god taught me from moving from Chicago to San Francisco (and I always tell people this) is exactly what you said: do the next thing. Love our God and that His wisdom is best

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