TBT: Weight Worries

Last night I went shopping for jeans and it did not end in a complete emotional breakdown. You should know that this is a pretty big accomplishment because the reason I was shopping for jeans is because my jeans from last year barely fit. Going up a size in jeans is enough to spin any … [Read more…]

TBT Stories: Hey, it’s my Birthday

Today is my birthday. Yippee!! This evening will be filled with Italian food and most definitely something chocolate. In other words, I’m pretty stinkin’ excited. But for now, I will try to contain my excitement by plastering this picture for all the world to see: For the second half of my unmarried life, we lived … [Read more…]

Second Grade Throwback

So a few days ago, Roman’s mom found some of Roman’s papers he wrote from Second Grade. They were *ahem* precious, so I decided to share them with you. But I can’t just share them and keep my opinions to myself. *wink* So let’s travel back in time and explore my husband’s second grade mind….my … [Read more…]