Blame it on the Bump

Several days ago a sweet dear reader-friend sent me an e-mail. She wanted to check on me and Baby C since I hadn’t blogged in a while. Oh yes, blogging. I remember that was something I used to do all the time and really liked. {I mean, I still like it I just, nevermind. We’ll … [Read more…]

5 Years and Counting!

Today, my friends, is a very special day because today is my five-year wedding anniversary. Five years! It doesn’t seem like a long time when you consider other people who have been married for decades, but something just seems more legit when I can hold up an entire hand when people ask me how long … [Read more…]

12 Reflections at 12 Weeks

It’s been just over five weeks now since I made the announcement about our little peanut. {If you missed all that fun, click here.} I absolutely cannot believe how fast time has gone by, but today is the start of Week 12. Holy moly, I’m almost done with the first trimester already. Seriously you guys, … [Read more…]

The Journey Continues

Let’s go on a little journey together, okay? I promise, the destination is worth the length to get there. Trust me. 2 years and seven months ago Roman and I decided we were ready to expand our little family. Our um….efforts…..were casual at first. We stopped not trying to have kids and we thought that … [Read more…]

Hey Family!

Long time no see, huh? This blog has stayed weirdly vacant ever since I announced my break last November. It was never my intention for it to be like this but time slipping away has seemed to be the theme for 2015. I have lots and lots to update you on and I hope you’ll … [Read more…]

Do the Next Thing

The first four months of last year my husband and I were in the most anxious season we’ve ever been in. Roman had applied for his dream job……..except his dream job was in a city two hours away. Not a big deal, except we had spent almost our entire lives in our small community. Taking … [Read more…]

I am My Sister’s Keeper

Yesterday at church we talked about how man is made in God’s image. We’ve started a new series called “In the Beginning” and so far it is fantastic. My little journal is getting filled with notes and new insights. But you know what got my attention? At the end of service our Pastor gave an … [Read more…]

The Hardest Thing

I want to do this post well. I want it to be filled to the brim with grace, grace and even more grace and not sound the least bit condescending or discouraging or any other negative adjective you could think of. I’ve written this post at least five times in my head, but more than … [Read more…]

Getting to Know You: Entry 7

I know we normally do this on Tuesday, but I’m on vacation this week so we’re allowed to do things a little backwards. If you’ve been waiting on a response from me, no worries–I’ll be getting back with you soon!  :) Last week I was going crazy. I cleaned my entire house. The. Entire. House. … [Read more…]

Thank You.

Today is Veteran’s Day. There is lots of military in my family. My dad is a retired Army officer. My older brother serves in the Army. My nephew that lives just down the street from me is currently serving. I can bet that there is at least one military veteran in your family as well. … [Read more…]