What List???

If you read my last post, then you read about my nice pretty list. If you did not read my last post, then let me get you caught up: Roman and I are moving into a new house. We actually were able to get the keys on Thursday (instead of Friday) so we started cleaning/moving … [Read more…]

Let the Games Begin!

I know all of you are dying to hear read every last excrutiating detail about our moving process, so who am I to deny your wishes?  ;-)  Let’s dive right in, shall we? Because I am such a list person who loves writing out lists for each and every task that I may do or each … [Read more…]

Hello Crazy

I am convinced that me and Roman like to make ourselves go crazy. Example #1: We get married right in the middle of our college careers. So he takes on a full load of classes while working a part time job. And I take on a full load of classes (online) while working a full … [Read more…]


And sometimes, things come up from nowhere and surprise you. …………………………………………………………… Roman was supposed to go back to school this semester for one more class. He missed out on a job opportunity this past spring because he was missing a class. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that Roman didn’t have a job yet … [Read more…]

Jump on the Wagon

Well, Roman and I have been doing lots of talking…and we’ve decided we are going to jump on the wagon. The clean eating wagon. Or at least…..try to jump. After hours of research and reading over the past few months(on my part) and Roman listening to me re-tell all of the excruciating details I’ve been researching and … [Read more…]

Because I’m Lazy…..

Yup…that’s my only excuse on why I haven’t been writing this week. Because I’ve been lazy. Really lazy. As in, I have no more clean glasses to drink out of or plates to eat off of because I haven’t washed dishes all week plus there is a layer of dog fur covering my floor because … [Read more…]

The Casterlines: Rattlesnake Slayers

Or, to be more correct….The Casterline……only one of us are rattlesnake slayers. You guessed right, it’s me. ………. Totally kidding. No way would I ever get close enough to one to kill it. Roman is definitely the new family rattlesnake slayer. I mean really, who wants to get close to those things?? Yikes!! So thankful … [Read more…]

Blast from the Past

Okay so, in case any of you have not figured it out yet, I am kind of just a little bit crazy. My mother is finally getting around to cleaning out certain areas of my old room, and she uncovered a paper I wrote when I was 14. I’m going to guess that this was … [Read more…]

When the Going Gets Tough…..

…..the Tough dig their heels in deep and pray harder. And that is exactly where Roman and I find ourselves these days: praying a lot harder. “I’m sad.” he lamented over the phone.“Why are you sad?” I asked.“I can’t find a job…..” he said quietly. The past few days have been really hard. Roman had … [Read more…]

Legs of Steel

More like, “my legs have been beaten with steel beams”. So you know what that means? Yup, yesterday was my first day at the gym (a.k.a. the place that smells like sweaty socks). The original plan was for me to do upper body on Monday, and then lower body/back on Wednesday, but she wound up … [Read more…]