Weekend Warriors

Let me tell you, I am very fortunate to have married a man who cuts the grass. Because I totally HATE cutting grass. But y’all, I’m concerned about my husband’s love relationship with his new lawn mower. Meet Larry the Lawn Mower:  Larry was given to us by some good friends. He’s an older guy, … [Read more…]

The Tale of Ms. Lauren

Meet Lauren.I normally over-share about Duke, but rarely about this *ahem* darling kitty of ours. My friend calls her the “oil spill kitty”. I call her a muskrat. I am fairly sure she at least a cousin to a muskrat. Guys. I know all cats are kind of weird, but this cat goes a little bit … [Read more…]

Creepy Crawly

I hate creepy crawly things. Snakes. Spiders. Alligators. The entire bug species. Except caterpillars, those are pretty cool….only because they turn into butterflies. But there is one particular bug that has earned my particular hatred. Roaches. I hate them. I hate them more than anything. I pray all the time that God would simultaneously kill … [Read more…]

TGIF Friday

Thank. God. It’s. Furlough. Friday. Life in the Casterline household has been hectic at best and slightly chaotic at worst over the past two-ish weeks. I will be the first to say: it stinks not getting paid every Friday, but I totally needed today off.My washing machine and dryer are busily humming away and I am … [Read more…]

Warning: My Dog Might Pee On You

I always take Duke running with me. For the most part, he is a good running partner and listens extremely well. So well, that I hardly ever put him on a leash. This way, he’s not forced to stay under my feet, and he can run in a zigzag pattern down the road without pulling … [Read more…]

WFMW: How to Get Your Husband to Do Stuff

It’s Works for Me Wednesday here at Life with the Casterlines. This is where I share little tidbits of *hopefully* helpful information. And please feel free to leave your own tidbits in the comments! Today’s post focuses on how to -ahem- get your husband to do stuff…. The Problem: My laptop continually freezes up and … [Read more…]


Working in a cubicle maze sometimes gets a bad rap, and although I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the rows of cubicles and their inhabitants can be *ahem* stressful, sometimes it can also be downright funny. One of my co-workers never wears shoes. I’m pretty sure she takes them off as soon as … [Read more…]

Caution: Husband in Training

I’m travelling a little bit today, so this post will be super short. I hope you all have a great weekend! :) My Pastor’s wife once gave me some great advice: “If you can just try to not kill your husband until he turns 30, then I promise you things will get a lot better.” … [Read more…]

Weird Wednesday: Puppy Love and Cat Food

Weird Wednesday: Puppy Love and Cat Food Our neighbor’s dog is a female. And it’s that time for her. Roman and I have quickly discovered two things: 1) Duke is apparently a stud muffin and 2) we are so glad we got him fixed. Y’all. This dog has been sleeping on our front porch waiting … [Read more…]