All Boy

He is all boy, this child of mine.  He sleeps stretched long in my arms. Little fingers twitching in his sleep as he dreams of what I can only imagine. He breathes deep and whimpers soft as his mind entertains his sleep. Occasionally you hear quiet sucking as he works the pacifier in his mouth. … [Read more…]

April 2nd

Right now my most favorite thing about Facebook is the “see your memories” feature. I really love clicking that every day and seeing what was happening in my life on this day in history. Sometimes I read status updates and they remind me of great memories or life events. Other times I’m wondering why I … [Read more…]

8 Weeks

Hello my beautiful readers and happy 2016 to you! Can you believe we are already in the second month of this new year??!? I don’t even know how that’s possible. I want to officially introduce my little miracle to all of you. Jackson Shaler was born at 7:29 p.m. on December 8th weighing 7 lbs, 9 … [Read more…]


Today, at 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I am quitting my job. It has been so strange and surreal these past couple months…..slowly counting down the days until today with both excitement and fear. Working hard to close out a fiscal year and start a new one while knowing that shortly after the work … [Read more…]

Beautiful Irony

Let me tell you guys, 2015 has been the year of exciting stuff. I thought that 2014 was our year of exciting stuff between our move to Columbus and starting new jobs and meeting new friends and all that. But 2015 has proved to be just as exciting with even more excitement poured on top. … [Read more…]

Part One: A Change of Heart

I tried writing this post two weeks ago. I started it. Then I scrapped it. Then I started again. Now it is completely different from what it was and I am just praying that it is all that it should be. I am also praying that you read these words with an open heart and … [Read more…]

Blame it on the Bump

Several days ago a sweet dear reader-friend sent me an e-mail. She wanted to check on me and Baby C since I hadn’t blogged in a while. Oh yes, blogging. I remember that was something I used to do all the time and really liked. {I mean, I still like it I just, nevermind. We’ll … [Read more…]

5 Years and Counting!

Today, my friends, is a very special day because today is my five-year wedding anniversary. Five years! It doesn’t seem like a long time when you consider other people who have been married for decades, but something just seems more legit when I can hold up an entire hand when people ask me how long … [Read more…]

12 Reflections at 12 Weeks

It’s been just over five weeks now since I made the announcement about our little peanut. {If you missed all that fun, click here.} I absolutely cannot believe how fast time has gone by, but today is the start of Week 12. Holy moly, I’m almost done with the first trimester already. Seriously you guys, … [Read more…]