Honesty is the Best Policy…

This is going to be the most brutally honest and vulnerable post I have written so far. To be honest, I’m nervous about posting it for the whole wide world to read (not that the whole wide world reads my blog….but you get the point). But I feel like if this one post can help … [Read more…]


And sometimes, things come up from nowhere and surprise you. …………………………………………………………… Roman was supposed to go back to school this semester for one more class. He missed out on a job opportunity this past spring because he was missing a class. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that Roman didn’t have a job yet … [Read more…]

Sometimes We Just Need a Reminder….

We silly humans are awfully forgetful. We forget where we put our keys. We forget about appointments. We forget we already have something scheduled and then schedule something else and then have to profusely apologize to people for having to re-schedule. We forget where we parked our car. We forget our grocery list at the … [Read more…]

Because I’m Lazy…..

Yup…that’s my only excuse on why I haven’t been writing this week. Because I’ve been lazy. Really lazy. As in, I have no more clean glasses to drink out of or plates to eat off of because I haven’t washed dishes all week plus there is a layer of dog fur covering my floor because … [Read more…]

Heaven Forbid…….

There are times for us to be calm, and there are times for us to fight. And guys, it is time for that battle…past time actually. But let me be clear from the start: I’m talking about a fight against the enemy, not people. We do not fight against flesh and blood….. I think it … [Read more…]

Are You Sure God?

If you demanded that out of all of my favorite songs, I had to pick just oneā€¦..it would have to be Getting Into You by Relient K. I call this song my Theme Song for my life. I have posted a link to a video on YouTube so you can hear it, but in case … [Read more…]

When the Going Gets Tough…..

…..the Tough dig their heels in deep and pray harder. And that is exactly where Roman and I find ourselves these days: praying a lot harder. “I’m sad.” he lamented over the phone.“Why are you sad?” I asked.“I can’t find a job…..” he said quietly. The past few days have been really hard. Roman had … [Read more…]

Don’t Miss This

The women’s class at my church has been going through a series called “Undercover” by John Bevere. Last night was Week 3, and let me tell you…that stuff hit home hard. The basic theme of this study is submission to authority: authority to those who have been placed over us and submission to the ultimate … [Read more…]

Who’s Mouthpiece are You??

It’s funny how we have so many things that we say but then don’t follow ourselves. “Think before you speak” is one of those statements we make to children, but then ignore ourselves. But let’s take that statement and add a little more and say “Think of who you are speaking for before you speak.” Wait, what? Don’t … [Read more…]

50 Shades of Danger

We’ve all heard the song “Oh be careful little eyes what  you see”. We used to sing it in Sunday School and VBS and all of those other great children’s programs. I even remember singing it during class in first grade. (Note: if I have any really young readers out there, you may want to … [Read more…]