Thank You!

I just want to say thank you for all of the support and encouragement you all have given me in the creation of the new blog-Faith Marriage and Family. So many have you have said such kind words over the past week and they mean so much to me! You guys are the BEST!! It’s … [Read more…]

What Does It Mean To Follow Christ?

After Roman and I both shared our testimony last week, I realized that some of you may not truly know what following Christ means. So before I conclude with Part 3 of Our Story, I’d like to pause here and explain what Christianity is. Who is this Jesus? And why do you proclaim to follow … [Read more…]

Our Story-Part 2

Note from Sarah: Today’s post is a guest post by my wonderful husband, Roman. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! First of all, welcome to the new blog!! Secondly, I found out that I was supposed to guest post when I read Sarah’s first post. So I was a little surprised. … [Read more…]

New Blog Announcement!

Holy moly. The past two days have been insane! So……if you haven’t heard already……the new blog is up! I announced it on Facebook Tuesday night and sent out a bunch of invitations to some of my friends for them to go like the new Facebook page and check out my first post, but the blog … [Read more…]

A Story of His Faithfulness

Sometimes God does things that take us by surprise. We may not have been asking Him to move in a certain part of our lives, but then He suddenly does. This happened with us last August when we found ourselves moving in a much bigger and nicer house, even though we hadn’t even been looking … [Read more…]

Our Story-Part 1

Hello! I’m so glad you are here. Welcome to my brand new blog, Faith Marriage & Family! I’m so excited about what God has in store for this blog and for all of my readers. Before we get started, please feel free to take a look around. I have an “About” page with a short … [Read more…]

When Life Gives You Lemons…..

Some things are simply out of our control. I am a federal employee, which means starting next week I will be furloughed one day a week for eleven weeks. I will lose over $500 out of my monthly income. This is completely out of my control. Roman and I are planning a day trip to … [Read more…]


Two nights ago I dreamed that Christina Aguilera was chasing me across Alaska with a gun. She was trying really hard to kill me. I raced through snow and department stores and woods in an effort to get away. She eventually caught me, but then someone caught her attention long enough for me to get … [Read more…]

Living or Existing?

“Are you living or existing?” One of the church signs I pass by on my way home has had this question up for about two weeks now. I’ve seen it several times, but yesterday was the first time I actually gave it any real thought. Am I living? Or am I just existing? I have … [Read more…]

Opposites Attract

The saying that opposite people attract may have something to it. One thing I’ve noticed over our (almost) three years of marriage is that Roman and I think quite differently. And not just in a “he thinks like a man and I think like a woman” kind of way. I mean more along the lines … [Read more…]