Blame it on the Bump

Several days ago a sweet dear reader-friend sent me an e-mail. She wanted to check on me and Baby C since I hadn’t blogged in a while. Oh yes, blogging. I remember that was something I used to do all the time and really liked. {I mean, I still like it I just, nevermind. We’ll get to that later.} 
These days I blame most things on Baby C mostly because I can and it’s cute/funny.
Like how yesterday I forgot to buy one of the ingredients for a two-ingredient meal while I was in the grocery store. I walked into said grocery store for both ingredients….walked out with only one ingredient plus a box of cheesecake because I’m pregnant and wanted cheesecake. {Stop judging me.} So I said “hahahaha pregnancy brain is real” and walked back in to buy the other ingredient. And also pondered if I should buy more cheesecake. This is a perfect example of my imperfections for those of you who think I have life under control. Also, the two-ingredient meal was a box of jambalaya—for those who think I have some secret awesome healthy meal recipe hidden away. It is a box. With rice in it. That I slice up sausage and throw in there. Basically it is terrible for you but delicious and filling.

My new favorite phrase is: “This little baby has the energy of his father. He moves all the time and uses up whatever energy I have left.” So yes, Baby C basically gets blamed for everything right now. Except my lack of sleep—that is 100% my stupid cat’s fault but that is another story for another blog post that may or may not ever get written because I am sleepy always and forever. 

BUT. I am not in any way shape or form complaining about this pregnancy because this pregnancy has basically been awesome the entire time. Still no morning sickness. Minimum discomforts that can be handled with a Tylenol or some Tums. And a healthy baby boy that let me know with his constant kicking that he is happy and healthy and growing. YAY. I think I could just be pregnant forever. {NOT.} 

And yes, my dear readers, I did just say boy. I recognize that most of you follow me on social and may already know, but for those of you do not: WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! *throws confetti* His name will be Jackson, which means “God has shown favor.” Pretty perfect name for all of you who know our story of infertility. We are absolutely thrilled and I am already freaking out about what I am going to do with a sweaty little boy who thrives on making messes in my spotless house. {HAHAHAHA like my house is spotless with two cats and a dog and two humans living in it.}

Seriously though, I cannot get over how adorable his tiny little nose is. I’m totally obsessed with it.

Yes, things are quite well in the Casterline household. We cleaned out the guest bedroom to make room for Jackson’s nursery. It sort of looked like the apocalypse in my house that day and I drank a ton of coffee so I wouldn’t have an OCD-induced panic attack. Kidding. Sort of. I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of his nursery once it’s all set up. Right now it is just an empty room that the cats are absolutely amazed by. {Seriously, why are they so fascinated by nothing?}

Roman finished up all of his year-long training at his job so he is now ultra-official and I am all giddy and excited for him. He deserves 1,000 Oreos for all his hard work but Oreos are pricey and I need cheesecake so…….yea. 

We have logged approximately 1.3 billion miles on our car this summer {this may be a slight exaggeration} which is actually the true reason why I have been so absent from this blog. I actually have about seven posts written I just have not actually formatted them and scheduled them. Maybe that actually just means I am lazy. I don’t know. But after September life will drastically slow down for us because we aren’t going to be going much of anywhere. We may do one last big vacation in mid-October and then after that I will sit at home and stare at the wall and wait for my baby boy to get here in December. {Please for the love of all things holy do not be late, Mr. Jackson.}

I would promise you that my posting will be more regular in the future, but we both know the likelihood of that happening. I think at this point in life if I can manage to cook two or three non-box meals for dinner I will be golden. But be sure to follow me on Instagram if you would like {slightly} more regular baby updates, dog photos and selfies. In the meantime, please send me all of your delicious healthy recipes that will not take three hours to cook. ;)

Okay, so there is a quick run-down of Life with the Casterlines. {see what I did there??} How is everyone else doing? Have you guys gone on any cool vacations this summer? Approximately how many boxed dinners per week do you cook? Are you willing to mail me a home-made cheesecake? Tell me all the things about your life right now.  




  1. Tarynkay

    Hey, I get it. I read somewhere that you lose 5% of your brain mass during pregnancy. I totally believe it. Yay for boys!

    • I am totally trusting science on that one. It is incredible to me how forgetful I have been over the last couple months. I think I may have lost more than 5%. 😉

  2. Mary-Keith

    So I’ve been completely out of the blogging world for months and months. I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE PREGNANT?!? THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! I remember reading your posts about infertility and faith and THIS IS SO COOL PRAISE GOD

    • Hahahaha yes!! Thanks girl! We found out back in April. It was a total surprise and has been pretty much the best blessing in the history of ever! 😆

      • Mary-Keith

        I went back and read the post when you announced your pregnancy. I am SOO excited and happy for you! you have NO IDEA! What a little miracle you have growing in there :) When are you due??

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