Because We’re Crazy.

Hello, my dear friends. Man, I have missed this space so much! I think I have about 2.7 trillion words I could share with you all so forgive me if I jump around a bit. But so much life has happened over these last couple months and I just have to share! So when Jackson, in a rare moment of glory, fell asleep at 9 last night I knew that one of my top to-dos would have to be sitting down to finally write this post. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Can you believe our little miracle will be a whole entire year old in less than three weeks? I think I may pass out. Someone come hold me. To make matters so much worse, he’s been walking for almost three weeks now. Let me just say, I thought this kid was destructive enough when he was crawling…..but walking? That just ups the ante by like, infinity. Heavens.

But how adorable is he??


We got to take our very first family vacation two weeks ago to visit some of our sweet friends in Florida. It was so much fun taking him to the Magic Kingdom for the first time and watching his eyes light up at all the new sights and sounds. We got to spend a day at the beach as well {and my momma-heart had numerous panic attacks because this fearless babe wanted to walk straight out into the ocean.} Shout out to the Pollocks and Seymours for hosting us that week: you guys are the absolute best.

While we were in Florida we were also finally able to get some family photos taken. After we pick which ones are going on our Christmas card I’ll share some more of my favorites here. BUT GUYS. I have all the feels right now looking at these incredible moments captured of my beautiful little family. We used one of the shots for his 11 month photo (see above) and I just cannot even deal with life right now.

It was so great for us to take a vacation because in less than two weeks now we. are. moving.

Yes. Roman and I are taking the ultimate adulting leap and buying our first home. Insert all the crazy panicky emotions here. Some days I am overjoyed because after over six years of rental houses and lease agreements I finally get to own my home and do whatever I want with it. Other days I am freaking out because what in the world is even happening? How am I even old enough to buy a house? Still other days I get all sad because our current house is where we brought our baby boy home to and I don’t ever want to leave.

I’ll share some more of our story and how everything came to be at a later date {because you guys, the Lord has truly blessed us with this house and the story of how it all came together is kind of nuts.} And I hope to also share a video tour of the inside of the house before we move all our crap stuff in. We plan to do some big updates over the years and hopefully those adventures will be shared in this little corner of the internet with all of you!

And, because we’re crazy, we’ll close on our house on the 30th of November and have Jackson’s first birthday there just ten days later. Probably a very dumb decision that I will hate myself for as I frantically unpack boxes late into the night but I figure 1) it will force me to unpack and settle quickly and 2) it will help me feel more attached to the house if we start making big memories right away. And having a first birthday party for a miracle baby who was never supposed to be conceived in the first place feels like a pretty great start to making big memories.

So here’s to Thanksgiving this week, buying a house next week, and celebrating our son’s birthday the week after, right??!? {I’m not even going to talk about Christmas yet because my brain might explode at the thought of it.}

I hope this post finds each of you healthy and happy and well. I can’t wait to enjoy this holiday season despite all the chaos that will be happening in my life. But isn’t that how it tends to turn out sometimes? We all are so busy during this time of year. My goal will be to find some quiet time of rest in the midst of the noise and just enjoy this beautiful season. I hope you all can do the same.

Until next time, sweet friends.  <3


    • Yes! We were given a less than 5% chance of having children after almost 3 years of Infertility. He’s our little miracle in every way. ❤️ I’m sure I’ll have a mushy post coming soon as he turns one in just 17 days. 😭😭😭

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