I am My Sister’s Keeper

Yesterday at church we talked about how man is made in God’s image. We’ve started a new series called “In the Beginning” and so far it is fantastic. My little journal is getting filled with notes and new insights. But you know what got my attention? At the end of service our Pastor gave an … [Read more…]

The Hardest Thing

I want to do this post well. I want it to be filled to the brim with grace, grace and even more grace and not sound the least bit condescending or discouraging or any other negative adjective you could think of. I’ve written this post at least five times in my head, but more than … [Read more…]

Getting to Know You: Entry 7


I know we normally do this on Tuesday, but I’m on vacation this week so we’re allowed to do things a little backwards. If you’ve been waiting on a response from me, no worries–I’ll be getting back with you soon!  :) Last week I was going crazy. I cleaned my entire house. The. Entire. House. … [Read more…]

Thank You.

Today is Veteran’s Day. There is lots of military in my family. My dad is a retired Army officer. My older brother serves in the Army. My nephew that lives just down the street from me is currently serving. I can bet that there is at least one military veteran in your family as well. … [Read more…]

Hey it’s Monday, and I’m on Vacation!

Yup, you read that right! I couldn’t tell you guys any sooner, because this whole trip was actually a huge surprise to one of my friends going with us. But we’re currently in sunny Florida, waiting to board our ship for our cruise! YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Not that I’m excited, or anything like that. Y’all, we have … [Read more…]

Rise Up, Lioness

Last month in my You Can, We Can update post, I mentioned that I was joining in with Lauren from 34 Magnolia Street on a new campaign called Operation Read your Shelves. The goal is to finish reading all the books we have piled up on our bookshelves, share what we’re reading with others, and … [Read more…]

Your Story Matters!

Last night we had dinner with our pastor, his wife, and two other new members of our church. We go to a really large church, but community is really important for them. In an effort to really grow our church’s community, our pastor has started hosting new members at his house for dinner, desserts and … [Read more…]

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Mary-Keith for the Liebster Award! {Thanks, girl!!!} For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster Award is for smaller blogs only (less than 200 followers) and is just a way for readers to discover up-and-coming blogs. Here are the rules: Post 11 random facts about yourself Answer 11 questions asked … [Read more…]

Weekend Recap: Camping Adventures

Roman and I are on a quest to live in the moment. We want to make these days we’ve been given full of life and love and laughter and we want to live them without abandon. I shared our new endeavor two Fridays ago when I showed you our new tent. And with that, any … [Read more…]

TBT: Weight Worries

Last night I went shopping for jeans and it did not end in a complete emotional breakdown. You should know that this is a pretty big accomplishment because the reason I was shopping for jeans is because my jeans from last year barely fit. Going up a size in jeans is enough to spin any … [Read more…]