The Journey Continues

Let’s go on a little journey together, okay? I promise, the destination is worth the length to get there. Trust me. 2 years and seven months ago Roman and I decided we were ready to expand our little family. Our um….efforts…..were casual at first. We stopped not trying to have kids and we thought that … [Read more…]

Hey Family!

Long time no see, huh? This blog has stayed weirdly vacant ever since I announced my break last November. It was never my intention for it to be like this but time slipping away has seemed to be the theme for 2015. I have lots and lots to update you on and I hope you’ll … [Read more…]

Law or Love?

  I’ve been using a plan developed by She Reads Truth  to read through the Bible in one year. We finished up Leviticus last week and I must say I struggled through that book of the Bible quite a bit. It’s hard for me to reconcile the God of Leviticus to the God of the … [Read more…]

Fear and Faith

  “We don’t have any kids, and I want to make sure that his gravesite will always have a flag on it for Memorial Day when I pass.” A simple statement made by a stranger that stroke panic into my heart. “We don’t have any kids…..” We don’t have any kids. I don’t have any … [Read more…]

The Battle for My Mind

  Two weeks ago I shared a small part of my struggle with anxiety. I was so thankful to hear from so many of you—whether in the comments or on social media or personal text messages—that the post was helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about that post…..what it means for me and for you … [Read more…]

3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Before I had reached the age of ten, I already had issues with anxiety. I remember going off to summer camp and worrying about whether or not my parents had died in a car accident on the way home. Would I even know? Or would I just wait for them to pick me up on … [Read more…]

Lent and I

My husband always {somewhat} jokingly prides himself on “converting” me to the Pentecostal church. I traded Southern Baptist and their neat hymns and sacred services and just-as-sacred fried chicken for raised hands and long worship songs and got to keep my sacred fried chicken. We would joke sometimes about how repetitive and “old school” Baptists … [Read more…]

Do the Next Thing

The first four months of last year my husband and I were in the most anxious season we’ve ever been in. Roman had applied for his dream job……..except his dream job was in a city two hours away. Not a big deal, except we had spent almost our entire lives in our small community. Taking … [Read more…]

50 Shades of Danger

My little brother became well-acquainted with the stove burners as soon as he was tall enough to reach them. “Don’t touch that Stephen! It’s hot, it will burn you!” I remember my mother calling that out to him as my cute-faced little brother stood on tippy-toes and reached toward the burner. She tried to cross … [Read more…]

I am My Sister’s Keeper

Yesterday at church we talked about how man is made in God’s image. We’ve started a new series called “In the Beginning” and so far it is fantastic. My little journal is getting filled with notes and new insights. But you know what got my attention? At the end of service our Pastor gave an … [Read more…]