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Today I just wanted to update everybody on some of the things going on in our lives…just some behind the scenes stuff today.   :)

First off, my flowers are still living!! Woo hoo!! Maybe I do have a green thumb after all?? The shot on the right is a view of my vibrant flowers from afar, and the shot below is proof that there is new life on those stems. (Don’t mind the dead-looking bloom. That one is an old one. focus on the new one that is starting to open up.)   ;)
Sorry if the pictures look a little blurry, it was raining (thank you Tropical Storm Debbie) so I wasn’t too focused on making it a pretty shot. 
Woo hoo again on the livelihood of my flowers. I still can’t wait until Roman and I find a home (after he finds a job) so that I can have a for-real garden rather than just a flower pot sitting by my steps.  That will be the true test as to whether or not my thumbs are green.
Speaking of Roman and the word “job”, he’s still hunting. He is actually applying for one on the Marine Base (with me!) today, so say a prayer for us. This job has no relation whatsoever to his college degree, but it’s a full-time job making good money. And we could carpool which would further save us $$$. So actually say a bunch of prayers for us!!
I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Roman and I are training for a duathlon. It’s the same as a triathlon, except take out the swimming part. So, in case I didn’t mention it before, we run two miles, bike eleven miles, and then run another two miles. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. Anyways, we are now one week into our training plan leading us up to the race at the end of September. And because we have an energetic puppy, Duke is getting to train for the race too. In fact, here’s a picture of him Saturday morning after we ran/walked for two miles. Doesn’t he look excited??
Disclaimer: this is how he lays when he wants his belly scratched. He actually was not that tired and I pay very close attention to him while we exercise to make sure we’re not doing too much too soon. I also make sure he stays hydrated and have educated myself on how to tell whether he is dehydrated or not. So please don’t call animal control or anything like that on me!!
And lastly, here is a rare shot of my darling kitty, Lauren. She’s black (obviously) so a lot of times she doesn’t show up too well in pictures, but this time she did. Why in the world she wants to lay on top of my sweaty running clothes is beyond me. She just loves sleeping on my dirty clothes. Weirdo.
Oh, and you see all of that mess around her on the floor? Yea, that’s what we get for having a lab puppy. Every stinking night that dog finds some sort of toy to chew up. Let’s see, that rope toy used to be twice as long. The white strips of cloth are an old T-shirt we tied into knots that he promptly shredded. The bone is the bone that he’s still sort of afraid of, which explains why it is intact. Oh, and those tan pieces? That’s pieces of what was once a basket by the front door to hold our shoes. I can actually blame all three of my animals for that one, but Ralph started it. Ralph started chewing on the basket and then when we got Lauren, he taught her to do it. Duke really didn’t need any encouragement, but I am sure that Ralph is the one who corrupted him as well. So now I wake up every morning to find a little bit more of the basket gone. In fact, basket is not really the right way to describe it, it’s more like a “woven pallet”, seeing as how it no longer has walls or handles. Sheesh.
So yup, that’s pretty much all I have for you guys today. Maybe if I think about it I’ll take a picture of my “woven pallet” to show you guys? Hopefully I will be writing a post soon about Roman’s new job!  ;)
“Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow.”        ~James 1:17 

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