All Boy

He is all boy, this child of mine. 

He sleeps stretched long in my arms. Little fingers twitching in his sleep as he dreams of what I can only imagine. He breathes deep and whimpers soft as his mind entertains his sleep. Occasionally you hear quiet sucking as he works the pacifier in his mouth. And in these moments I fall in love all over again.

The time is so long and yet so incredibly short. How is he over four months old? He has learned to roll over and grab his feet. He thinks blowing spit bubbles is the new funniest trick he can do. He is almost sitting up by himself, and he grabs at my spoon while I eat my morning yogurt…ready to explore another new facet of life. 

I can already glance into my future and see hours of outside play. I can see muddy knees and dirt-caked fingernails. I am not ignorant. I know that while those days are many months away, they are also right around the corner.

Time plays tricks like that. 

I dance with this baby boy in my living room and know that tomorrow I will dance with him at his wedding. And while I long to see the kind of man he becomes, I also ache to keep these tiny precious hands forever wrapped around my own. 

He is all boy, this child of mine. He kicks and plays and squeals and his brow scrunches up hard as he tries to figure out how to crawl. I think he will be an early walker. He hates to be confined, even now. This man-child will grow and rail against what confines him. He will be a world-changer….asking questions and seeking to make the wrongs of this world right. He won’t take no for an answer; I can already see that.

But for now? For now he sleeps. He sleeps hard in my arms and I thank the Lord for his tiny face and tiny fingers that will only stay tiny for just so long. 

He is all boy. And while time will see him grow tall and strong, he will always be my little boy. 



  1. Ah this is beautiful! While I am just an aunt, not a mama yet, even from my own nephews I see how fast time flies and how precious each moment is with them. I love when you said “I long to see the kind of man he becomes, I also ache to keep these tiny precious hands forever wrapped around my own.” So beautiful and a longing and ache I think every mom feels. I am I feel it and I am only an aunt! Thank you for sharing Sarah. Again, I am so inspired and encouraged by your story- thanks for sharing!

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