A No-Good Awful Crummy Day


Anyone want to take a guess at how my day went yesterday? I had a really great idea for a Wifey Wednesday post today. I even had about half of it written as of Monday evening. Then yesterday happened and I literally could not imagine me opening my laptop to write one single word. Because when you have a no-good awful crummy day you really just want to eat chocolate and drink diet coke and stare at your Facebook newsfeed. I obviously don’t know any of this from experience because I am a professional.


There really was absolutely no reason for me to feel like that yesterday. Well, unless you consider my extreme lack of sleep to be a contributing factor. It probably was. Why do I always go to bed so late? ANYWAYS. Nothing bad happened yesterday. I looked relatively cute despite the fact that I had to wear a maxi skirt to cover up my unshaved legs. {Side note: when a woman wears a maxi skirt to work you can be 99.957% positive that she is hiding unshaved legs. You’re welcome.} It was a slow day at work, but nothing bad happened. I got a good bit of stuff done and got to meet some pretty cool people.


Despite my lack of a good reason, I was just in a stinky mood all day yesterday. I didn’t want anyone talking to me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I kept my mouth shut for most of the evening yesterday because I didn’t want to start any dumb arguments with Roman. I also told the cat that he was the worst cat I ever owned. I had a good reason though because HE TRIED TO EAT MY BANANA. We went to the gym with two of our best friends and that made me feel a little better because I got to walk on the treadmill and talk and then ended with extreme stretching. And by extreme stretching, I really mean that I pretended to touch my toes repeatedly to avoid having to do any sit-ups. I am a professional, remember? But still, I went to bed last night really tired and really aggravated about practically nothing.


You know when I feel farthest away from God? On days like yesterday. I’m not doing anything particularly wrong. There isn’t anything bad happening in my life. If my attitude would change it would probably be a pretty fantastic day. But for some reason my emotions are stuck on the setting called “everyone leave me alone or I’ll kill you with my death stare” and so here we are. Stuck inside this no-good awful crummy day that seems to drag on for all eternity and why can’t we just go back to bed so it will finally be over?? And surely God isn’t too happy with me because I don’t even like myself on these sorts of days.


I think those are the days when my true view of grace comes to light. I say out loud all the time that we don’t have to earn God’s grace or His affection, but my heart doesn’t really believe that. Because my heart really believes that on no-good awful crummy days, God is even more displeased with me than I am with myself. And God is surely making Himself busy talking to the happier people or the people who really need Him rather than dealing with me and all of my toddler-like mood swings. But that is where I place my human version of God on the throne rather than understanding that God isn’t like me. If I were God, then yea…I’d steer clear of my kids when they had my kind of attitude. But I’m not God. God is forever patient and loving and kind and He offers me grace despite all my shortfalls.


I’m glad that God is who He is. I’m glad that He loves me-not just in spite of who I am, but because of who I am. I’m glad that He never leaves my side, even when I close myself off to Him. I’m glad that when I skip my Bible reading on purpose that He still asks me to pursue Him the next day. And the day after that.


Today is not a no-good awful crummy day, and for that I am incredibly grateful. But maybe for you it is. If it is, I’m really truly very sorry. For real. If that is you, allow me to attempt to shine a little bit of light into your dark mood and tell you that God still loves you regardless. And you should also not skip your Bible reading on purpose because those words you should be reading are probably exactly what you need to feel better. And you want to feel better, I know. No one wants to yell at their cat for biting a banana. Nobody.


Drink that soft drink. Eat that chocolate. Pretend to stretch out those calves when you should be doing sit-ups. Seriously, we’re allowed to have bad days. But just know that God isn’t waiting around for you to feel better….tapping His feet and rolling His eyes and sighing really loud because He can’t stand you when you’re like this. He’s right next to you, cheering you on through your bad days and offering you the grace you need to feel like yourself again.


How is your day going? {Hopefully better than mine did yesterday.} Have you ever had just a really bad day? What did you do?





  1. Priscilla Angwenyi

    I love your blog! It’s always so timely….I’ve been having crummy weepy no-good past couple of days and I just took it to God today and I am feeling better.
    God bless you Sarah and Roman, I’m praying for both of you! :-)

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