5 Years and Counting!

Today, my friends, is a very special day because today is my five-year wedding anniversary.


Five years!

It doesn’t seem like a long time when you consider other people who have been married for decades, but something just seems more legit when I can hold up an entire hand when people ask me how long I’ve been married. Just saying.

I spent a small chunk of time yesterday just scrolling through my Facebook pictures and reliving some of our best moments. But honestly, some of my most favorite moments have happened away from social media. Sure, there might be a picture or two, but the full memory of those moments can’t be captured by cameras or documented online. They are special moments that only Roman and I will ever have the joy of cherishing.

……like getting lost the day of our wedding on the way to our honeymoon.

……that first night. <3

……or not realizing check-out time the next day, resulting in us throwing everything frantically into the car and leaving sans shower with wrinkled clothes and no make-up {that last part only applies to me, obviously.}

……those first two weeks of marriage where we spent 9 days honeymoonin’ and the other 4 moving into a double-wide trailer with a broken air conditioner. {Okay I lied, we don’t really cherish those first two months of married life IN THE SUMMER with no air conditioning. I was convinced that if we could survive that, we could survive anything. So far I’ve been correct. }

…..the long nights and weekends where we stretched every dollar and lost many hours of sleep while finishing up our college courses.

……and holy cow the relief and celebration we felt after we graduated with our bachelor degrees!

……going on our first cruise and exploring other countries for the first time together.

……watching God meet our needs in miraculous ways and knowing that He was answering our specific prayers.

……welcoming our baby dog into the family………along with all the pee on our floors. so. much. pee.

……moving out of the falling-apart-trailer to a house with a dishwasher. That was a glorious moment, friends.

……quitting old jobs, finding new ones, getting promotions, and learning that credit cards really are from the devil.

…..deciding to start a family, only to later learn that we couldn’t.

……that long walk down infertility’s road.

……leaving Camilla and all that we knew behind us to start a new adventure in Columbus.

…..watching the Lord provide over and over again in our new city.

……listening to a doctor tell us our dreams of parenthood were all but dead.

…..and the celebration that ensued when God took what the doctors declared dead and created life instead.

…..that first weekend in Savannah, when only he and I knew of the little promise growing inside.

……watching our family’s faces as we spilled the beans and all the joy and laughter that followed.

And there are a billion tiny moments in between that make up our story. The inside jokes, the made-up songs that make no sense, the weird names we call each other. Fighting over bed-space and covers and why is your head on MY pillow again?!? The fights and the stupid prideful moments and the laughter after it all at how silly we can be when we want our own way. The lazy Saturdays spent watching movies and avoiding housework. The friends and family that have shaped who we are and who we are becoming.

The good, the bad. We cherish it all. Because at the end of the day, past all the laughter and all the tears and all the hurt feelings and all the silliness and all the romantics, these tiny precious moments are what make up our five years of marriage and YOU GUYS. It’s been a great five years.


Husband dear, I’d do every moment all over again with you by my side. Well, every moment except the two months without air conditioning. That was pretty much earth’s version of hell. But hey, it’s going to make a great story for our kids one day when they’re complaining so yea, I guess I’d do that again too.

Big changes are on our horizon. Soon we will no longer be able to decide to go to the movies at ten o’clock at night. There will be a new tiny face that depends on us and will need us to be a solid foundation. I’m glad that I can look at you and know that our children will have the best father they could ever hope for. I’m glad that I can look at our marriage and see how rock-solid the foundation is and know that it will last no matter what parenthood throws our way. I’m glad that I can look at prayer journals and remember how the Lord has been so faithful through every step of our journey, and I can be assured that He will continue to be trustworthy. I’m glad that He is the one who binds us together….and what He binds together cannot ever be broken.

So for the five years we’ve already had, and for the many decades to come…….you are my best friend forever and always. And I’d choose you over any other man the world had to offer any day.

Happy Anniversary, my love.



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