12 Reflections at 12 Weeks

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It’s been just over five weeks now since I made the announcement about our little peanut. {If you missed all that fun, click here.} I absolutely cannot believe how fast time has gone by, but today is the start of Week 12. Holy moly, I’m almost done with the first trimester already. Seriously you guys, time has got to slow down because there are things I need to accomplish before December gets here! ;)

I have this cute baby journal that Roman got me for Mother’s Day and it has a space for reflections at the end of each trimester. But I thought it might be fun to post some of my thoughts here so that all of my reader-family could read it too. So here goes!

  1. The exhaustion they talk about? Yea, it’s no joke. I haven’t been this tired since I was working full-time while going to school full-time and volunteering for two different ministries at church. I think I have slept more than I have ever slept before and somehow I. am. still. yawning.
  2. I laugh at myself for being so tired now, because I’ve heard quite a bit about the exhaustion still to come. You know, when there is a tiny human being depending on me for their every need that has not yet grasped the concept of sleeping for eight hours straight. Oy. Bring on the coffee.
  3. I forget all the time that I am actually pregnant. I woke up on Mother’s Day slightly sad at first. “Great, another Mother’s Day where I have to remember that I don’t have a child ye—oh wait. I’M PREGNANT.” *happy dance happy dance happy dance* I am guessing this part will go away when I wake up to a bowling ball on my stomach every morning.
  4. Y’all, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have yet to throw up one single time. {And now half of my readers hate me.} I have had the food aversions and some intense queasiness and heart burn, but no puking. Seeing as how my #1 most-hated-thing in life is throwing up, you guys just don’t know how thankful I am. Here’s to 32 more weeks of hopefully-not-puking. *fingers crossed*
  5. And past that, I have even more to be thankful for. We had another ultrasound when I was at nine weeks and our little peanut is growing perfectly. Two arms, two legs, normal measurements, a very strong little heartbeat, and those two feet were kicking like crazy the whole time. The doctors never said I’d make it past six weeks if I ever got pregnant, but the Lord is never bound by doctor’s diagnosis anyways.
  6. Roman Casterline……that man is the best. Two nights ago I had a complete meltdown. I had made a mistake that let some dear folks down and that was the final straw. I cried for a good thirty minutes and silently cursed the hormone gods. This dear husband of mine took it all in stride. He’s helped me so much in keeping the house tidy and has not complained one time about my cravings for mac n’ cheese several times a week. I keep thinking that I’ll never love him more than I do now, but my love has grown so much more in these last few weeks for this blessing of a man.
  7. Speaking of cravings….. This week the name of the crave is tomatoes. Give me all the fresh, ripe tomatoes please. Before that it was salsa. Before that it was mac n’ cheese. But seriously though, someone please send me more tomatoes. Roman is still hoping that I will crave pickles at some point since I dislike them so much. Good luck buddy, good luck.
  8. I have a bit of a baby bump now! It’s actually only there because I can no longer suck in my gut. {Honesty is a virtue, you guys.} But whatever. It looks like a baby bump so that’s what I’m calling it. Don’t judge me.
  9. And with that, I went on my first maternity-clothes-shopping-trip with my mom a couple weeks ago. My main goal was to get a good pair of shorts since I knew my already-tight shorts from last year would not fit this year. So adios favorite pair of jeans and seersucker shorts, and hello mommy-shorts. Wow. I can’t believe I just said that.
  10. Dear people who have not yet experienced childbirth, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, read the promotional material on childbirth the doctor gives you. It will scare the ever-loving daylights out of you. Also, ignore every child-birthing story people tell you. Learn the “smile and nod” zoned-out face and go to your happy place. I’m convinced that ignorance is total bliss.
  11. Also, my mom had several great laughs on our shopping trip at my ignorance. “Mom, my legs aren’t really going to get that much bigger. Right?!?” *hysterical laughter from mother* Again, I’m still convinced that ignorance is total bliss.
  12. We still could not be happier with this little somersaulting miracle. Every time I go to church I just about can’t worship because I just get so excited thinking of what the Lord has done. His graciousness in giving me this beautiful gift is delightfully overwhelming for my little heart. Roman and I count each day on our mirror at home and marvel at what parenthood will be like. I know I said that time needs to slow down, but December can hurry on up and get here too. We c-a-n-n-o-t wait to meet this sweet little face!

Next milestone? Finding out what we’re having in mid-July! My guess is a girl but I’d love to hear what your guess is in the comments! It’s so much fun to hear everyone’s opinion. So tell me, is the little peanut a girl or a boy?


  1. Brooke Massey

    So, no I’m not mad that you have not thrown up. I’m actually glad for you because it SUCKS! I hope you crave pickles too, haha that would be awesome. :) I only went up one pants size after lee and that was because my already wide/birthing hips got a little wider. But my legs never changed so hopefully yours want either. I am so excited for my best friends and can not wait for my niece or nephew to be here. I’m saying girl so she and Harper can be best friends! And no matter what birthing story you hear it is ALL worth it in the end when you have that little blessing in your arms. And those bad crying nights, there are more to come sadly to say. Just remember the story if me crying because Johnny Lee was doing dishes, then I started crying because I felt stupid because I was crying lol. But those hormones do level back out after delivery. And those sleepless night are not as bad as you think because you know you have to do it and your body adjust. Trust me I LOVE my sleep but I get along ok. I love yall and eww tomatoes are nasty!

    • I love you too!! :D I’m so glad that I have such a close friend that I can talk to throughout this whole pregnancy. No matter what are kids are going to be best friends–I’m going to make them! hahahaha

  2. Tarynkay

    I’m so happy to see that you are doing so well! It is so exciting that your baby is doing so well. I am a little jealous of your ultrasounds, too. So far, I have only had the Doppler. They do let my son find the heartbeat, so that is pretty adorable. The practice I am at generally does just one ultrasound between 18-22 weeks. My sister (who has had one boy and two girls) says that if you aren’t puking and breaking out, it’s probably a boy (girls steal their mother’s beauty.) Some people say that if the heart rate is higher, it’s a girl, if it’s lower, it’s a boy. But I don’t think either of these are scientifically proven, just fun myths.

    At sixteen weeks, I have found that the exhaustion has lessened. I am still tired, but I have a three and a half year old and keep an 18 month old during the day, so that is sort of my normal state anyhow. I am no longer sleeping fourteen hours a night and bribing my little boy to please please let me take an afternoon nap. We will find out the sex of this baby pretty soon! My husband and I don’t care either way, but my son is absolutely convinced it is a sister and will not even entertain the thought of a boy. So I want 20 weeks to brainwash him into thinking he really wanted a little brother, if that is the way that it goes.

    • Awwww, I can’t wait to find out what you’re having. You should be knowing really soon, send me an e-mail! ;) I’m so glad to know that the tiredness is going to subside soon too. I still can’t imagine going through all of this while having other kids in the house. Growing a baby is hard work!! hahaha

  3. I was just asking people to weigh in and guess gender as well and they told me they needed lots of hints. :) You said you are tired, and craving random things at different times, so since I’ve only had boys so far, unless BabyT#3 is a girl, and it doesn’t sound like my boy pregnancies, I’m going to say girl.
    Also, I highly highly highly recommend the website/FB page/IG feed of Birth Without Fear. Encouraging stories and lots of support there that wants to empower women, not freak them out.
    And since I’m a doula I want to also suggest having a professionally trained doula at your birth. So tell your hubby that some crazy girl you met on the internet said a doula is a MUST. ;)

    • A lot have people have been saying it’s a girl, so maybe you’re right! :) Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely check out Birth Without Fear, it sounds amazing! I know we will have a midwife at the birth….is that the same thing or is there a difference? I’m so ignorant on this side of things hahaha

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